Trump supporters are pissed about Pete Buttigieg, say Richard Grennell is being erased from history

Joe Biden tapped Pete Buttigieg to be his transportation secretary yesterday. If confirmed, Mayor Pete will become the first openly gay person ever to serve as a member of the presidential Cabinet.

Within minutes of the announcement, Trump supporters were calling Buttigieg’s historic nomination #fakenews. They argued that Richard Grennell was actually the first openly gay person to serve as a member of the presidential Cabinet when he was appointed Acting Director of National Intelligence by Donald Trump earlier this year.

While Trump & Co. love making this claim, there’s always been a caveat that they’ve ignored. Because while Grenell was, indeed, appointed to Trump’s cabinet, he only served in an interim capacity for three months, and he never had a formal Senate hearing because Trump had him jettisoned out the minute it became clear he’d never get confirmed.

According to TIME:

Acting officials typically don’t have the stature to implement new programs or regulations that would have significant effect, and lack the access to the networks that would get them help from the White House and other agencies.

Basically, acting officials like Grennell keep the departments they’ve been assigned to oversee running in the most basic capacity and aren’t authorized to give any major directives or make any sweeping changes. Sorta like when your co-worker goes on vacation and you fill in for them for a week or, in Grennell’s case, 12 weeks.

Of course, Trump supporters have never been great at paying close attention to details or believing, you know, facts, so they’re pissed that media outlets are reporting Buttigieg is set to become the first openly LGBTQ cabinet official in history.

Here’s what they’re saying…

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