Fight club

Trump supporters target NYC activists in violent attack


In more news to give you confidence in your confirmation bias, some peace activists were just attacked in New York by what they say were Donald Trump supporters with anti-anti-racist bracelets. This is the world in which you are living and there is no waking up.

According to the victims, they were leaving a party of some kind and chanting unspecified slogans. And then a bunch of random guys ran over to them, yelling Trump’s name, and punched them. Police showed up a few minutes later.

The victims were coming from a space called “Decolonize This Place,” and at least one was with something called Bash Back NYC. They say the the targets were queer, black, and non-cisgender. According to one witness:

I grappled with one of them after he had sucker punched one of the members of our group He ended up on top of me and landed several hits to my face. My face is extremely swollen and eye bruised. What’s important to remember is that these guys specifically targeted us as a mixed group of gay men and women of color. They yelled “faggot,” told others “go back” to where they’re from and specifically pointed to me and yelled: “He’s a fucking faggot.”

In response, another group is organizing a press conference and rally — they’re calling themselves NYC Shut It Down, and they’ll be meeting up at Decolonize this Space at 8pm tonight.

So this is probably what we can look forward to for the next four years — waves of weird, irrational violence and so many groups and organizations that nobody can keep track of who’s fighting what.