Trump Threatens DNC Speakers With Violence, Because Presidential

Donald Trump
Donald Trump at a campaign rally in Iowa, on July 28, 2016.

In his most recent effort to see how far he can take this thing while still being taken seriously, Republican nominee for President Donald J. Trump told reporters on Thursday that he wanted to violently assault speakers at the 2016 DNC for saying mean things about him.

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“You know what, I wanted to, I wanted to hit a couple of those speakers so hard. I would have hit them. No, no. I was going to hit them, I was all set and then I got a call from a highly respected governor,” Trump said.

Apparently this unnamed governor was successful in stopping tough guy Trump from flying to Philadelphia and unleashing a one man assault on the DNC. Which he totally would have, you guys. He would have clocked them all with his not at all small hands until they were seeing Elephants.

Trump took exception with one speaker in particular, whom he describes only as “a very little guy.”

“I was going to hit this guy so hard his head would spin. He wouldn’t know what happened. He came out of nowhere!” Trump yelled.

It is suspected that he was talking about Clinton‘s vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine, who did an impression of Trump during his speech.

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Now, it is possible Trump was speaking figuratively, as in “hit them” with facts and arguments against their policies and visions for America. He has used the term in that way in the past.

Actually, that is giving him too much credit. But maybe he meant hit them by dishing out insults about their appearance, as he is wont to do.

But Trump’s rallies do have a history of real violence, both from those with and those against Trump, and he does have a history of promoting it.

When a protester was removed from a rally in Las Vegas, Trump said he would like to “punch him in the face” and waxed nostalgic about the “old days” when “guys like that…would be carried out on a stretcher.”

He also encouraged his supporters at a rally in Iowa to “knock the crap out of” anyone who might want to “lob a tomato” at him.

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“Seriously. Okay? Just knock the hell —  I promise you, I will pay for the legal fees. I promise, I promise. It won’t be so much ’cause the courts agree with us too,” he said.

Meanwhile, he blames Obama for the country’s violence.

Watch Trump’s latest meltdown below.


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  • Paco

    And people want this guy to have the nuclear codes?

  • Masc Pride

    @Paco: It’s not like the POTUS would be able to just use nuclear weapons on a whim all on his or her own. The POTUS still has to get confirmation from Sec of Defense and others. There’s a whole drawn out process that involves multiple people having to agree on the decision.

  • Mo Bro

    @Paco: And you want a granny to have them?

  • 1898

    @Masc Pride: Seeing as how the president appoints the Secretary of Defense, and Trump is well known for only having “yes men” around him, that’s not much comfort.

  • 1898

    @Mo Bro: What’s wrong with grandmothers?

  • Scribe38

    @1898: His grandma obviously dropped him on his head…. Trump is a old man who can’t keep it in his pants, married 3 times,got out of going to Vietnam (a few times), bragged about the number of STD he had on Stern, and currently has two lawsuits from women saying he raped them #gopfamilyvalues.

  • Scribe38

    @Masc Pride: Sure someone, somewhere, “said how bad can Hitler be, not like he’s going to actually kill jews”.

    Nope if you are a friend to the Klan you are not someone that should be leading this nation. I’m actively working to make sure the orange doesn’t get his “small little hands” on nuclear codes

  • Alistair Wiseman


    Unlike when Hillary Clinton kissed and praised former KKK member Democrat Senator Robert Byrd?

  • Hussain-TheCanadian

    It seemed to me that Trump tried to be funny and charming; some policy points would of been great.

  • gayspud-1

    trump will leave this in shambles.what will be left we be able to pick with a broom and dust go head and vote for him.he acts and thinks exactly like hitler if yanyone disagrees with him hes ready to kill them

  • Hun

    Still better than Hillary. Ugh.

  • martinbakman

    He’ll poke you with his fvcking little fingers.

  • ErikO

    I’m still not voting for that lying crook Hillary and instead I am voting for Jill Stein.

    @gayspud-1: Study history more, he’s not like Hitler or a dictator at all. Hillary is the one with the media pushing so hard for her she’s developing a creepy cult of personality. Just like in North Korea, and Maoist China.

  • Kangol

    @Mo Bro: Sexist much? Conservative icon Margaret Thatcher had them. Indira Gandhi had them. Golda Meir had them. Theresa May (no kids but grandmother age) has them. But an older American woman can’t?

  • Bob LaBlah

    Trump is refused financing by the U.S. and western hemisphere bankers so he goes to the Russians for financing his doomed business ventures. Why should he care? Its not his money after all. He simply gets a percentage of what he “invests” no matter how much the others lose and once the collapse of his ventures become eminent he hides behind the bankruptcy laws.

    Hillary Clinton excepts MILLIONS in “contributions” from the Arabs for the Clinton Foundation. Only a fool couldn’t see what the payoff is going to be: sky-high oil prices beginning around April of next year along with a blind eye towards that useless royal family of Saudi Arabia tactics to remain in power along with an increased U.S. presence in the area to keep them in power and Iran in check because they are too weak to stand up against a foe that won’t back down (Iran). Be patient. It WILL happen.

    I never understood even basic algebra but my gut instinct, or common sense if you will, tells me the sixty-four thousand dollar question has become which Manchurian Candidate is going to be the one to hand over the country to a foreign power, one way or the other. Trump via refusing to allow more troops into the Middle East once Russia decided to invade Jordan under the pretense of routing ISIS and tells the regimes they are now on their own or Hillary allowing the Arabs to put the price of oil so high it collapses the U.S. economy and martial law has to be declared. Islamic extremism is only going to increase under either one of these two losers who are poise to win.

    We all lose no matter who wins this time around. Keep on going back and forth all you want regardless of party affiliation but mark my words, we ARE all going to lose this time around.

  • Nahald

    Isn’t that Fascist dictators do? Have their brown/black shirt minions go out and “nicely” ask the opposers to “get with the program” ?

  • Mo Bro

    @Kangol: Did any of those women have such a record of lying and corruption? Um, no. The answer is no.

  • Dave Downunder

    Hearing Trump talk tough guy trash talk is actually really funny. The man couldn’t punch his way out of a wet paper bag because he is in appalling shape and if anyone actually ever stood up to him in a physical altercation he would sh!t himself.

  • ait10101

    @Bob LaBlah: Nice theory, but the US doesn’t need oil from the Arabs any more. For the foreseeable future we have more oil than we need. It’s time to come down from lala land.

  • Bob LaBlah

    @ait10101: “but the US doesn’t need oil from the Arabs any more.”

    However, the rest of the world DOES. Imagine a situation as fragile as the European Union already is and an oil shock hits. Who buys our goods then? And don’t forget, China is not energy independent either, nor is India. Who buys our goods then? Or lets put it this way, how much will be left over where they can buy foreign goods? Something, yes, but not enough where we won’t feel it.

  • Bad Ass Biker

    @Masc Pride: Do you really think that would stop him? This egomaniac will do whatever he damn well wants to do.

  • Bad Ass Biker

    @martinbakman: Trumpelthinskin would probably break his widdle fingers.

  • ChuckF

    This man is dangerous and has to be stopped!

  • Alistair Wiseman


    Hillary is corrupt and has to be stopped.

  • mw11

    It’s appalling how Gays believe their interests of safety and security, particularly after Orlando, are better served under HillBilly.

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