The Saga Continues

Does Trump have topless photos of Jerry Falwell Jr.’s wife?

In the latest twist in the ongoing sex scandal debacle of Jerry & Becki Falwell, Michael Cohen, the embattled former lawyer to Donald Trump, has revealed that he has topless photographs of Ms. Falwell. Cohen also intimates that his aid in suppressing those photos led to Falwell’s unexpected endorsement of Trump in the 2016 primaries.

Cohen, who is currently serving a home prison sentence for campaign finance violations, tax evasion and perjury all related to his work on the 2016 Trump campaign, released a new tell-all memoir on September 8 about his employment with Trump on both the campaign and in the White House. Now Reuters reports that the memoir, titled Disloyal, also contains a passage in which Cohen describes a “catch & kill” strategy to help suppress topless photos of Becki Falwell from landing in the media.

“But in this case it was just going to be kill,” Cohen writes. “In good time, I would call in this favor, not for me, but for the Boss, at a crucial moment on his journey to the presidency.” Though Cohen does not explicitly say that his help in suppressing the topless photos was a quid pro quo for Falwell’s early endorsement of Trump, the passage certainly implies as much.

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According to Cohen, he traveled to Florida to meet with the attorney for the person who had the photographs–someone who as of yet remains unidentified. Other, earlier reports had Cohen doing the same thing, even telling comic Tom Arnold “I actually have one of the photos. It’s terrible.”

Falwell has publicly denied the story, telling Reuters “Someone stole some pictures I took of my wife in the back yard. Topless. Big deal. OK? It was no quid pro quo. There was no me supporting Trump because of whatever Michael was doing.”

Reuters adds that during the phone call in which Falwell denied the quid pro quo, Becki Falwell could be heard in the background saying “Hang up the goddamn phone. Hang up the phone, Jerry!”

The Trump White House has denied Cohen’s account in the book.

Jerry Falwell Jr. and his wife Becki have made constant headlines over the past month after a former pool boy, Giancarlo Granda, revealed he had a sexual relationship with the couple. Falwell has since resigned as President of Liberty University.