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Trump’s disastrous Tulsa rally immortalized in tweets and memes

You’ve likely heard by now that Donald Trump‘s heavily hyped MAGA rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma on Saturday was an epic failure.

Prior to the event, the Trump campaign bragged that over 1 million people had RSVP’d, and that it expected 20,000 indoor attendees, plus another 40,000 outdoor attendees. It was going to be HUGE!

But according to the Tulsa Fire Department, the final total ended up being closer to 6,200 attendees. That number includes Trump’s campaign staff, secret service, stadium employees, Trump supporters, and, yes, lots of paid actors.

The Trump campaign pushed back on this total and said 12,000 people went through the metal detectors at the rally. But, honestly, we believe the Fire Department.

Afterwards, widely shared video of Trump returning the White House around 1 AM early Sunday morning showed him looking tired, disheveled, and defeated.

The low turn out has been partially attributed to TikTok users and K-pop fans launching a coordinated online effort to get people with absolutely no plans of attending to RSVP to the event, according to The New York Times.

Of course, we’re sure Trump fatigue, dissatisfaction with his failed leadership, a crumbling economy, rampant racism, and, oh yeah, the deadly coronavirus also may have had a little something to do with it.

And now, the tweets…

Now, how about some memes?

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No one attended his circus show ?? ——- #tulsarally

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