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Trump’s failing D.C. hotel bans reporter for life for taking pic of pest control company inside lobby

Donald Trump has been trying unsuccessfully to unload his struggling namesake D.C. hotel for the past two years. Now, just as he may have found a potential buyer, a reporter might have derailed the whole thing.

Forbes reporter Zach Everson say he was permanently banned from the luxury hotel for allegedly “taking photos without permission” inside the lobby.

According Everson, he was “banned for life” after snapping pictures of a corporate event being hosted by a pest control company at the hotel while he was there investigating why rates inexplicably skyrocketed from $400 to $2,400 for that night only.

Everson said he was coming out of the hotel bar restroom when the director of security, Ernest Wojciech, stormed over and told him he must leave immediately and could never return ever again for the rest of his life.

Coincidentally, Everson’s ban for taking photos of the pest control event comes just as the Trump Organization may have finally–finally!–found someone interested in purchasing the tainted 263-room property.

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The building has been sitting on the market with no interested buyers since 2019. Trump initially wanted $500 million for it, but dropped the price by a massive $100 million after his realtor quit and business nosedived following the January 6 insurrection.

Earlier this year, video from inside the lobby went viral on Twitter, showing a cold, barren, and empty landscape.

If the reported deal goes through, it would mean Trump’s big, golden name will be scrubbed from the outside of the building.

The Trump Organization has not commented on Everson’s ban or its negotiations for unloading the property.

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