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Trump’s “Make America Great Again” Xmas Ornament Will Only Put You Back $149


Introducing the “Make America Great Again” Christmas ornament, pa rum pum pum pum.

In this brave new world, Mike Pence is gay porn star Brad Patton, and Donald Trump is Father Christmas, his knapsack overburdened with presents.

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First up, Trump’s “Red Cap Collectible Ornament,” which can be yours for just $149. Reasonable!

As The Week reports, the same ornament is available on Amazon for the equally reasonable price of $250. Score.


The website copy reads, “Get in the Christmas spirit with your very own Make America Great Again Red Cap Collectible Ornament. Made of brass and finished in 14 karat gold, this ornament is sure to make any tree stand out.”

Unfortunately, no mention whether or not it can be used as a tree topper. Sad!