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Truth Social has officially entered ‘chaotic embarrassment’ territory

Donald Trump‘s social media platform Truth Social hasn’t exactly taken off since its February launch, and the former president did the app no favors as he attempted to plug it during a recent speech.

Addressing a crowd in Ohio, Trump appeared to forget the platform’s name, boasting that he’s “given the American people their voice back by building something called trove, Truth Central.”

The flub is just the latest in a string of embarrassments for the app, which has seen a massive drop-off in registrations, a Fox News fraudster and high-level staff exits who cited technical issues and other behind-the-scenes chaos.

Meanwhile, Trump and other prominent GOP supporters of the fledgling platform like Lauren Boebert have yet to actually post on their accounts. Perhaps they’re struggling to say something that resembles the truth.

“No truths,” reads the all-too-accurate placeholder text underneath Boebert’s page:

As Twitter pointed out, Trump also had a particularly hard time pronouncing “drop box” during the Ohio rally, saying something in the ballpark of “drok bok” instead.