Truth Wins Out Continues Its Litigious Rampage By Threatening A Defamatory Ex-Gay Group

LGBT activist Wayne Besen’s organization Truth Wins Out has provided lots of entertaining legal theater as of late. First, they dared homophobic she-hag Linda Harvey to follow through with her baseless defamation suit. Then, they dared Marcus Bachmann to try and collect his vindictive $150 charge for cancelled ex-gay therapy sessions. And now they’re threatening to sue Greg Quinlan, the President of Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays (PFOX), for claiming on TV that Besen publicly called for Quinlan’s death. Joy!

During his October 7th interview on WDCW-TV’s News-Plus with Mark Segraves, Quinlan said that Wayne Besen had asked for somebody to run Quinlan over, hit him with a bus or inject him with AIDS. That would have been pretty hateful rhetoric, as Quinlan said in the same program; except Besen says that he personally has never said any such thing.

Besen called Quinlan’s claim unconscionable, unacceptable, vicious and “deliberately and maliciously fabricated… with the sole purpose of smearing Truth Wins Out and damaging my reputation.” And in response, Besen has threatened to haul Quinlan into court… unless he meets the four following reparations in the next five days:

1. A written retraction be issued by Gregory Quinlan on PFOX letterhead admitting he fabricated the incident(s) and made untrue statements during the television interview. The retraction must be signed by PFOX’s Executive Director Regina Griggs and Mr. Quinlan.

2. A YouTube video of Mr. Quinlan apologizing for the false and defamatory statements.

3. Mr. Quinlan will offer to immediately make an apology on the very television show in which the defamatory statements about Mr. Besen were made.

4. PFOX will send out a press release, first approved by Mr. Besen, announcing the apology.

So… we assume that we’ll be seeing Besen and Quinlan in court very soon because there’s no way an ex-gay organization is gonna bow down to some uppity gay, right? And you know that Besen and TWO will blog the crap out of the trial if it happens. Doesn’t PFOX know better than to disparage a blogger? They’ll Tweet, Facebook and Google-bomb you back into the analog age—something potentially much worse than being run over by a big gay bus.

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