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Trying to Understand the Queering of Ryan Seacrest

I’ve read Thaddeus Russell’s “The Queering of Ryan Seacrest” — where he argues that even if the Idol host is straight, he “should consider being gay” — twice now, and I’m fairly certain that not only does Russell not prove his point, literally nor figuratively, but that he also invoked Adam Lambert’s name under improper auspices. Somebody else help me understand what Russell is trying to say here? Should I just delete this post?

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  • Joe

    Who really cares if he’s gay? Let him live his own life. Damn.

  • Andy

    In the pic, who’s to the left of Seacrest? What’s his phone number?

  • Mac McNeill

    Well Andy, you obviosly don’t watch American Idol. He is just one of several hotties on this year.

  • Pygar

    Well, I don’t come to Queerty for literary and/or queer theory. (Good, I wish I did know why I come here!) Although, you do know that people spend lots of time and money getting PhD’s writing articles like this. Hey, weren’t there dissertations written on Madonna?

  • jamison

    i read an article that a big time celebrity is coming out- the magazine way- really soon. i’m betting on seacrest or johnny weir.

  • Jeremy

    Who cares about Ryan? I know one damn fact: He’s annoying. That’s all we need to know.

  • Ealan

    I’m still not sure if seacreat is gay or not, he doesn’t seem esp. gay, he’s just a pretty boy. I don’t much care either way. But I have been seeing him on E! News the past two days and he seems a little off. Is he still doing E! News, the radio show and “Idol”? He might want to take a break- he looks a little run-down.

  • TiredOldQueen@Queerty

    OK, so 1st of all, I went to the Daily Beast site to take a gander at Mr. Thaddeus Russell’s post.

    And I was immediately distracted by the picture of Mr. Thaddeus Russell.

    I have a beef with respect to the new “pose” that so many people seem to think is engaging — and yet foreboding — when they take their publicity shots.

    Its the “Simon Cowell” wannabe pose. A certain angle, a certain disregard for the idea of an open mind… a cynical pose.

    I hate it. Only if they wore sunglasses would I hate it more.

    And what I hate most about it is that anyone who strikes that pose is clearly not making bank off playing the game.

    Like I said, its a wannabe pose.

    Seacrest is playing it, people. And getting paid a fortune for doing so.

    He’s going to play it for all Fox and Co. are worth, and good for him. He’s probably a tranny and I don’t care. Who would?

    That said, I think its an interesting article, and thanks for posting it. If the guy would just put up a picture of himself hugging his adopted dog while microwaving popcorn, then I would be cool with it.

  • Telly McGaha

    The article made sense to me. Sex(uality) sales, and he’s selling himself. I haven’t ever heard Seacrest’s other show, the one Russell mentions, so I don’t know if there’s any truth to it, but, if there is, it reinforces his argument.

  • D.R.A.

    Kinda off-topic but – the other guy in that picture is a cutie. He makes me want to watch American Idol…

  • Chris

    Vote for Tim Urban!!

  • Cam

    The main thing about Seacrest that freaks me out is the botox. It just doesn’t seem natural for a man on TV to have that expressionless “Nichole Kidman” face. Not that it looks natural on her either.

  • MachoMan

    who cares about this freak…


    Miss Seacrest is beginning to freak about the “is she or isn’t she” rumor mill going into overdrive……One of his “girlfriends” was recently on Stern describing their “lovemaking” according to the woman, Miss Seacrest was “perfectly ok” with her going public with their “relationship”………..


    If this is the first time you seen Tim and you want to see whats under the wrapper………

    Use the googles, click on images and enter “Tim Urban shirtless”

    I’d like to “errect” him my special idol…….. :-p

  • OhYeah

    He is not aging well.

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