TS Madison’s Controversial New Year’s Shoot: "Statement Piece" (Interview)

By: George Regz (@RegzOfficial)

Prior to the new year I got to shoot and interview ‘Trans Mogul’ TS Madison for the latest issue of Ambiente Magazine. The current edition of this online magazine aimed to raise awareness of the trans community through the eyes of TS Madison. Recently I caught up with Madison due to the controversy behind the shoot and the mixed reactions its received since the images went viral.

TS Madison George Regz Controversial Tranny Photo 03You’ve mentioned that 2015 is a “Re-introduction” of TS Madison, what are some of your personal resolutions for this year as far as that?

2015 already started out with me making a statement and a stand on hate by doing the shoot and interview for Ambiente magazine. This year my personal resolution is to thoroughly use my large platform in a positive manor. God could have chosen anyone to have as much attention as I do, however, I think he placed the responsibility on me to be a voice, a beacon, a light, an inspiration, a role model, and a teacher. I say these things because I have endured and overcome so much in my life that it takes a person like myself, who has been down, gotten dirty, made mistakes and views herself as a REAL human being who is unashamed of the choices I have made to survive.

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A 17-year-old transgender teen Leelah Alcorn committed suicide right before the new year, which made headline news due to the circumstances which exposed that her parents rejected her. How does this make you feel? How will you further use your platform to make a difference for any of your followers going through situations like this in the coming year?

In 2014 we lost many transgendered people. What makes this Leelah Alcorns’ story most significant to me is that I began my transition at 17-years-old, 21 years ago, and I too was raised in a home of Christian parents. It really hurts my heart to know that this beautiful creature felt like there was no hope so early. I understand the difficulty with struggling with your faith, your beliefs and also how you feel, or, better yet, how you identify with yourself. It was really rough 21 years ago. My mother is just now, after the past ten years of my transition, beginning to come around and really start to accept my decision to transition. I wish I would have had the opportunity to speak to Leelah to let her know that it might seem rough now but there are people out there fighting the fight and breaking down the walls of hate and shame. This is why I make sure that each time I am around my mother, my brothers, and my family, I make vlogs showing TRUE love and acceptance. I will continue to do these things and continue to show my family life because the countless messages I receive from people around the world telling me how my videos have made an impact on there lives and changed perceptions of there homophobic family and friends and shown them that love conquers all.

TS Madison George Regz Controversial Tranny Photo 02Why was the use of the “N-word” so important to be featured along with all the other transphobic words written on you in this current photoshoot? Did you expect any back-lash from any of the communities because of the controversial shoot? How do you handle the feedback?

I’ve been waiting to answer this question all day! George Regz was the creative director of this shoot. When he first approached me with the idea I was like wow, I get to set the year ablaze with letting these hateful words be written all over me and ruffling some feathers. We were all sitting around, (George Regz, Ambiente Editor-in-Chief Herb Sosa, as well as the production crew) and they asked me: “Madison, tells us five words that makes you angry when someone wants to degrade you–” I immediately said HE/SHE, IT, FAGGOT, but George asked “what about TRANNY?” and I said ok sure lets use that because it is seen as a slur to many but the word that affects me the most is NIGGER. Everyone in the room froze and they did not want to write this word. I wanted them to write tranny on one arm and nigger on the other to show the difference and strength in those words. George reluctantly agreed and he understood my point. He also saw the need to add the word because it is one of the most extremely offensive slurs. Even when he was writing it he was very worried about offending me and I reassured him this is why we are doing it. I said, “George, if someone was to walk in this room right now and says ‘hey tranny,’ that can apply to anyone, but if someone comes in the room and says ‘hey nigger,’ you’re going to automatically know they are referring to me.” Well, of course I expected a backlash and as you know I received it, the first people to to step up were the African Americans. What’s crazy to me is, with all those slurs written on me, all they saw was the “N-Word!” Everyone is entitled to their opinion, I did my job, I brought awareness and broke the internet, and I thank Ambiente Magazine for giving me the opportunity to be a part of such a powerful statement.

Prior to the new year, you got into a debate with former RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant, now trans advocate, Carmen Carrera on social media where she claimed you are a “Butch Drag Queen” and “A Disgusting Human Being”. She also suggested that some trans women need to be put down. What is the status on this situation?

Let’s clear this up now. I have NEVER had a problem or spoken a bad word about CARMEN until she laid her words and mouth upon me. Secondly, I find Carmen to be the biggest coward in the field of “advocacy” because she is a subliminal “diss-whore” for attention. She doesn’t have the balls to stand up to the real oppressor, but likes to attack the community which she claims that she fights for rights for. Let’s be clear here, she is a “microwave tranny,” meaning she popped up over night. The girl hasn’t even put in enough time or energy into the struggle to come in complaining about people that built a lane for her to even walk thru. When she opens her one-sided mouth, speaking on porn, escorts and prostitution, she sounds delusional because she is attacking things that she herself is apart of or indulging in. I have the proof and people know what she does.

ts madison carmen carrera tranny debate social media

What she fails to realize is that porn stars, prostitutes and escorts make up a large percentage of our trans community. I am not glorifying any of it, but it has been the means of some trans woman going to school, paying bills, and feeding families. I just want to know who appointed this bitch judge, jury, and executioner to people? WHO?

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So many people have told her that she is beautiful that she has forgotten that, in order to be really beautiful, you have to be beautiful on the inside first before you can be beautiful on the outside. This whole two or three year transition I think she has lost herself and I really want her to have a seat no… no, actually several. Now that this article is out this is officially the LAST time I, TS Madison, have any time for that little girl because I am a grown woman…been a trans woman for two decades…#girlbye!

I am also unashamed that I have built an empire on something that girls give away freely. Porn doesn’t define me; it’s what I do, not who I am. I have countless fans around the world whose lives I have impacted that don’t know I even do adult work. So when she speaks negatively against me she sees that she can never discredit or change the opinions of real people.

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