Tucker Carlson Is Behind Rachel Maddow ‘Is a Man’ Comments. It’s Not Just Low Brow, It’s Unfunny

Tucker Carlson, who was once employed by MSNBC but who lost his show because his ratings resembled toilet water, launched a conservative website called The Daily Caller. There, his writers have been referring to Rachel Maddow as “a man.” This is supposed to be funny, because Rachel is a lesbian, and she has short hair, and boyish good looks. Now it’s up to the commentary gallery to decide whether the jabs are actually not that insulting, because Rachel purposefully dresses and styles herself in traditionally masculine ways.

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  • EveryoneKnewHimAsNancy

    I seem to remember many posters on the Daily Kos saying the same thing about Ann Coulter a while back. I guess liberal transphobia is less of a problem.

  • terrwill

    Ya know that is so damm ironic! I always thought that bow-tie wearing douche was a little girl……..

  • Anne

    Well, when Rachel refers to herself as looking like a boy, or “mannish”, I don’t think she means it in a negative way. At the very most it’s self-deprecating. From Tucker and his writers I get the impression that they’re saying it mockingly, so I’m rather annoyed with them.

    Rachel is awesome.

  • jimmy

    Typical of the silver-spoon sucking (among other things) towel flipping, prep-school douchebag that Carlson has always been. The nice thing about Tucker Carlson is that he is about as relevant navel lint.

  • chango

    And we’re surprised that Rachel Maddow threatens Tucker Carlson’s sense of masculinity?

    I mean could it really take all that much? I’m guessing Tucker is still trying to get his bearings from all those elementary school swirlies.

  • Brian NJ

    Matt Labash is a douche, but hot as fuck, so I forgive him. And it looks like Tucker, eh hem, forgives him too.

  • Jayson

    Tucker might want to be careful making those types of comments, especially after giving us “jazz hands” on dancing with the has-beens, I mean stars.

  • Alexa

    If they can’t beat someone with their arguments, lazy, ineffectual people start flinging insults, or what they perceive to be insults. Why does anyone care what Tucker Carlson thinks anyway? I doubt Rachel does.

  • Dirty Ole Man

    I love Rachel, and I watch he show religiously, but
    she could use a bit more “Fem” in her overall look. She hates
    makeup and she wears tennis shoes and blue jeans under the
    sport coats..JMO

    Oh, and Fuck Tucker Carlson!

  • Alexander

    Rachel really is the best. A genius personality, respected both culturally and as a journalist, and openly gay and proud of it. Hell, in the 16 months she’s been on the air, I’ve lost count of how many times she references Susan (her partner), much like Kathy Lee would reference Frank Gifford, with no shame or hesitation. She is liberal, of course, but beyond that she is a consummate journalist, interviewer and researcher. To make fun of Maddow is pointless, because her work stand on it’s own.

  • Bob R

    Tucker Carlson may be heterosexual(I have my doubts) but he certainly is a sissy. I wonder if there was a butch bone in his body, or as one of my friends commented after watching Carlson as a guest on Hardball, he sure seems to have some sugar in his tank.
    I’d be careful if I were Carlson, Rachel just might beat him up and stuff that bow tie where the sun doesn’t shine.

    As for calling Ann Coulter a man, with an Adams Apple like she has, it’s easy to suppose she might be a drag queen. Has anyone really actually verified her gender? Where’s her birth certificate?

  • rainfish2000

    So what? And Jesus wore a dress. The kings of Scotland wore skirts, and George Washington wore velvet knickers and a powdered wig.

    The Carlson Troll Brigade are just petty losers. They’re insignificant Maggots who shriek out their delusions of superiority from the festering irrelevancy of the Republican manure pile. Tucker Carlson’s pathetic cranial/anal insertions are not even amusing anymore. Time to fade away again, Tucker.

    And you still kiss your Mother Tucker with that mouth?


    In response to:

    “…because Rachel purposefully dresses and styles herself in traditionally masculine ways.”

  • terrwill

    @Bob R: A Cuntler birther movement:Brilliant!

    Bet she has a bigger cock than Fucker Carlson : P

  • Lukas P.

    Tucked-in Carlson’s name-calling certainly won’t hurt Rachel Maddow’s career and won’t help his. He seems petty and irrelevant.
    He managed to pull together a website (which does include some good contributors and reporting) but it hasn’t made much of a splash. He has pissed off the Left too many times, and the Right won’t let him sit at the “adult’s table.”

    I doubt Rachel will stoop to his level of bad taste or take his tainted bait !

  • trickstertara

    @Everyoneknewhimasnancy: I always thought the Daily Kos writers started the “Ann Coulter looks like a tranny..!” thread because that was *her favourite epithet* for the long-haired liberal men who would show up to her public appearances and contradict her rhetoric.

    That said, it’s all infantile; one step away from “..and your mom dresses you funny!”

  • Robert, NYC

    Carlson is just plain jealous that Rachel grabbed a key position on MSNBC while his was dumped. He’s no intellectual while Rachel is. He needs to grow up and better yet, grow a pair and act like a real man, though I think that might be very difficult for him.

  • ousslander

    IF queerty’s gonna get bent out of shape with this, which is elementary playground bs, the editors should have raised mock horror when on these pages tranny was used as a pejorative against Ann Coulter.

    you can’t get riled at one and give apass to another.

  • eagledancer

    For those of us who have taught Gender Studies at the University level…the lovely Rachel does not dress in a “masculine” fashion…she dresses in a “Power” fashion. General American culture (like many others) tends to equate Masculine with Power and Feminine with Weakness. Just so, look at how historic movie stars like Greta Garbo and Katherine Hepburn gained Power by dressing in tuxedos and slacks during a time “real” women would wear dresses. Historically, American males lost Power by dressing as “women”–and it was usually done within a comedy context

  • Lukas P.

    @eagledancer: I’m inclined to agree with you that RM’s “meta-message” in her sartorial choices stems from a historical/socio-cultural context, BUT the non-PC side of me says that she really wants to be physically comfortable and wear things that don’t bind or constrict, that won’t wilt under hot lights, and that match!

    Tucker Carlson’s choices show him to be “stuck in time,” an anachronism and a throwback to a prior generation. Meme this, meme that, but his voice isn’t carrying as far these days, and he has to resort to name-calling to get a soundbite here and there!

    Whose clothes speak louder?

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