Tucson Paper Comes Out Against Unnecessary Marriage Measure

The editors of Arizona’s Tucson Citizen know where they stand on Proposition 102, the a ballot measure aimed at defining marriage as between one man and one woman:

The proposition is unnecessary: There’s already an Arizona law banning gay marriage. And despite claims by its advocates of the modesty of the proposal’s intentions, its passage would hurt the state.

You don’t have to be a left-wingnut jurist, however, to see that a ban is wrong. The justices of the California Supreme Court, which earlier this year overturned that state’s gay marriage prohibition, aren’t “activist.”

Six of the seven justices were appointed by Republican governors, and they saw the law for what it was – discrimination.

Social conservatives, unfortunately, are slow learners.

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  • PearlsBeforeSwine

    These state level propositions are the most important voting issues for the gay community this year.

    Tomorrow is an election day in some jurisdictions. People complain about there not being a good choice for voters. The place where your vote is most effective in in the primary election where you can see that the candidates most represent you (also because turnout is often so low in primary elections).

  • Goforit

    This is great news. Arizona is slowly moving the needle.

  • Cath

    But where is Arizona’s gay leadership? There is nothing in the mainstream Phoenix press against this measure (the most recent news is about an AZ couple giving $100,000 in favor of the ban)! Phoenix and greater Arizona GLBT leadership organizations should have been in front of this months ago!

  • PearlsBeforeSwine

    Equality Arizona seems to be the main Arizona GLBT organization. Apparently the Arizona Primary is over (the above link is apparently incorrect about the date). Individuals can sign up on their advocacy center if they want to be kept informed of activities.

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