Tulsa Gay Teen Savagely Beaten At Party By Guests Yelling Anti-Gay Slurs

Cody Rogers went to a party and got a busted lip, black eye, cuts and bruises as a parting gift.

The 18-year-old gay Tulsa teen was at a gathering over the weekend, when he says he heard homophobic comments coming from another room.

“There were some ladies who invited their boyfriends [to a going away party] who had a problem with some of the homosexuals that were there,” Rogers told Fox 23.

When Rogers went over to investigate, two young men were being asked to leave—one refused and laid into Roger’s female friend. Rogers intervened and was assaulted and thrown to the ground as his attackers yelled more anti-gay slurs.

“My cheek [is brusised], my forehead is obviously a little busted up, a busted lip, my eye… I don’t know if you can see it. It’s hard to look at, especially in the mirror,” Cody Rogers told reporters.  Friend Jordan Garrett added, “[Cody] looked as if a truck hit him.”

Though he lost consciousness and is still recovering from his injuries, Rogers has been busy creating a Facebook page, Help Stop the Stomping, to draw attention to the fact that Oklahoma is just one of only 19 states that doesn’t include sexual orientation or gender identity in its hate-crime laws.

Currently the police have classified the attack as a simple assault, though they feel as frustrated as Rogers.

“It’s got to be extremely frustrating when you feel like you’ve been chosen, picked,” says the Tulsa Police Department’s Jason Willingham. “It’s something that’s out of our hands. It’s some that needs to be addressed at the state level.”

Photos: Cody Rogers