Tulsa Gay Teen Savagely Beaten At Party By Guests Yelling Anti-Gay Slurs

Cody Rogers went to a party and got a busted lip, black eye, cuts and bruises as a parting gift.

The 18-year-old gay Tulsa teen was at a gathering over the weekend, when he says he heard homophobic comments coming from another room.

“There were some ladies who invited their boyfriends [to a going away party] who had a problem with some of the homosexuals that were there,” Rogers told Fox 23.

When Rogers went over to investigate, two young men were being asked to leave—one refused and laid into Roger’s female friend. Rogers intervened and was assaulted and thrown to the ground as his attackers yelled more anti-gay slurs.

“My cheek [is brusised], my forehead is obviously a little busted up, a busted lip, my eye… I don’t know if you can see it. It’s hard to look at, especially in the mirror,” Cody Rogers told reporters.  Friend Jordan Garrett added, “[Cody] looked as if a truck hit him.”

Though he lost consciousness and is still recovering from his injuries, Rogers has been busy creating a Facebook page, Help Stop the Stomping, to draw attention to the fact that Oklahoma is just one of only 19 states that doesn’t include sexual orientation or gender identity in its hate-crime laws.

Currently the police have classified the attack as a simple assault, though they feel as frustrated as Rogers.

“It’s got to be extremely frustrating when you feel like you’ve been chosen, picked,” says the Tulsa Police Department’s Jason Willingham. “It’s something that’s out of our hands. It’s some that needs to be addressed at the state level.”

Photos: Cody Rogers

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  • Alex

    Yet the homophobes say were attacking them. Try telling that to Matthew Shepherd.

  • JayKay

    Look, I’ll just do everyone here a favor and get the tasteless “he’s hot” comment out of the way right now.

    He’s hot.

    Done. There is no need to thank me.

  • learnercurious1

    When one human being mirrors another the brain must really get excited.It becomes fight or flight.We are getting better at being more humane.

  • prince of snides aka divkid

    okay, i hear your disgraceful “hot” reference, and raise you: “the battle scars make him appear even hotter”.*lightening strike me down now!*

    oh, but in all seriousness, props to the kid for the creditable act of coming to the aid of his female friend for which he’s had to endure such an ordeal.

  • gapourcio

    How about SFH! He’s lucky to be alive. I hope his friends stepped in and protected him. Freedom, acceptance, tolerance and the ability to forgive have never & will never come easy. Often we have to fight, sometimes literally, for them. Some of those fights we loose, so we keep fighting until we win them all.

    Matthew Allen Sheperd will never be forgotten.

  • gapourcio

    Forgot to mention I’m from Duncan, Oklahoma, so this does not surprise me!

  • CBRad

    @gapourcio: Well at least this one is real, with the winesses and all. Like like your last crazy fraud Phillip Nelson.

  • CBRad

    @CBRad: ” not like ..”

  • MEJ

    This is really pissing me off. These fucking anti-gay hets think it’s open season on us. When is a gun carrying queer going to shoot down a gay basher, and send a message to all the haters out there?

  • Greybat

    We’d never hear the end of it. You kill off one pissy little ‘Phobe, and fifty years later, we’re all still branded as Ax-Wielding Heterophobes!

  • CBRad

    @Greybat: I’m not so sure about that. We did have the first serial robber/rapist of straight men in Texas pretty recently, but everyone’s been “pretty good” about not branding us male rapists. (Unless I’ve just missed it).

  • HM

    “…..When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it–always…..”

    Gandhi created a nation. He’s on your side, Cody. That’s one helluva ally.

  • the crustybastard

    Sally Kern is masturbating to this story.

  • Kyle

    @MEJ: I know…hopefully soon.

  • Jakey

    Kudos to the police for expressing frustration; that’s more than I was expecting. Hopefully this ends up having an effect on state law there. (And, uh, thanks JayKay and prince of snides.)

  • Spike

    The girlfriends that invited their boyfriend thugs must be so proud.

  • KyleW

    I totally support his actions to stand up against the homophobes and to intervene for his female friend, but when you machos all leap in each time a gay teen is bullied to death, I just want you to remember what happened to this guy: 18, surrounded by gay friends, at a party filled with friends, and he got beat unconscious standing up for himself and others.

    The sad truth is, the homophobes tend to be the physical jock types, and the gay guys tend not to be. Violence is not usually the answer. In this case it was genuinely unavoidable – in most cases, it is not.

  • Curtis


    .. Seriously, I hate to get all macho. But lets just say this wouldn’t have happened if I was there.
    On a lighter note:
    Where are your bull-dyke friends to back you up, Cody? lol

  • Mr. Robertson

    @Curtis: “lets just say this wouldn’t have happened if I was there.”

    What, you would’ve typed the aggressors into submission? Posted snarky remarks on their FB pages until they ran away in tears? Everyone’s a hero on the Internet.

  • Curtis

    @Mr. Robertson:
    Actually, Im a really big guy. and I’ve had to deal with situations like this many times before.
    But really, sweetie, its neither here nor there.

  • Mr. Robertson

    @Curtis: Well, I think the kid handled himself admirably — even if he’s not a big macho man.

  • KyleW

    @Mr. Robertson: Yes, also agreed.

  • KyleW

    @Curtis: I’m not doubting your statement, and I’m happy that you are big enough to protect yourself, but without knowing the situation you really can’t say that with certainty. Were there weapons involved? How many people laid into the kid after the initial blow? Did any of the aggressors have a gun?

    These are important issues considering the fact that the reported facts suggest that one or two uninvited guests at a party managed to take out at least one guest, without intervention from the others.

    I’m a professional in the field of violence, and I’m not a small guy myself, but I would hesitate, on the scant details released, to assert that I could DEFINITELY have brought about a different outcome.

  • CBRad

    @HM: What ?????

  • Curtis


    It seemed pretty clear that the attackers were simply immature, ignorant, high school or college kids with way too much testosterone.. Not gang-bangers with guns and knives.

    That said, Cody had confronted several breeders BY HIMSELF. He probably didn’t fight back because hes just a lover and not a fighter which is perfectly fine, (better actually).. But if he had a couple friends around him supporting him, the douches probably wouldn’t have done anything.

  • Tyler

    The term “breeder” is highly heterophobic, totally hypocritical, and a pointless one. Not all straight people have kids, and most GLBT people do wind up having kids and even marrying the opposite gender.

  • Mr. Robertson

    @Tyler: Thank you. I hate that word too.

  • jason

    I think it’s the girls’ fault. Why did these creatures bring their homophobic boyfriends? Women need to understand that we won’t tolerate homophobia by proxy. You also see this in gay bars where girls bring their homophobic boyfriends.

  • No-Obot

    Uh…what about that useless Federal Hate Crimes Act kicking in if Oklahoma does have one?

  • Curtis

    What the hell??
    most gay people do NOT “wind up marrying the opposite gender”

    Confused much? :-/

  • timucua

    Why did’nt the other revellers intervene to help Cody, it seems they stood there and watched from what I am reading.

  • Samantha Kachel

    As a lesbian living in Tulsa & I am extremely saddened by this. It is just one of the laws that Oklahoma has that is just not protecting all human beings. I am so glad & proud of Cody for standing up for this change. It is completely insane & sad that someone had to go through this to hopefully have this law changed. I stand behind Cody & anyone who fights for the rights of all human beings no matter what they do or who they are involved with. Pride support all the way!

  • ewe

    insecure straight boys with a mob mentality and an attraction to their own gender.

  • Damon

    Cody Rogers is one of the sexiest mother f**kers I’ve ever seen and if I was there, I woulda had his back like Rob&Big from MTV. Call me if you get into any more scuffles baby. *Pretends Cody is reading this*

  • Ed Himes


    Most common trash street-like preachers of today, like Kirk Cameron, are ALL the same. They white wash you with a bunch of bull crap on Sunday morning for an hour or two (mostly sermons about the supposed horrors of the Gay Community or abortion), then make you feel guilty if you don’t donate 3/4 of your paycheck into the collection basket !!! NONE OF THEM EVER FORGET TO PROMOTE “DONATING TO THE MINISTRY TODAY” !!!

    I am an expert at church agenda; there is a church on EVERY CORNER here in Chattanooga, TN and 90% of them will drain you dry from contributions, but will never help a single soul who is in need. They will stand up in your face and tell you that you are going to hell in a hand basket, yet they live their lives for Satan, doing everything they want from drugs to child molestation, Monday through Saturday.

    The republican party preys on these ignorant religious zealots and that is why republican politicians get elected; to spread their evilness on all of us. This sloth party then does not do anything the religious righters want when the election is over; saying they cannot do it for one reason or another. Take note that the religious right republicans have had the MAJORITY in government MANY TIMES; yet ABORTION is still the same as it was the day it became legal !!!

    A TRUE Christian does not DENY RIGHTS, HATE, JUDGE, DEGRADE and DEMEAN anyone; they are just the opposite !!! They are a bringer of light, happiness, love, understanding, peace and encourage harmony between all people of the world.

    You can always tell a tree by the fruit it bears and this tree, preacher Kirk Cameron, is producing negative, nasty, rotten and disgusting fruits, that sour in our stomachs as we read the rhetoric he spews

    I TELL YOU NOW, there is nothing worse and no one lower than a so-called-Sunday-only christian; they are the very slime found at the bottom of an abandoned outhouse and crawl like a snake through our world to spread their evilness! upon us all !!!


  • KyleW

    @Ed Himes: Well put Ed.

  • Queer Supremacist

    Things like this are why I am, and always will be, a Queer Supremacist.

    @MEJ: I’m declaring open season on the breeders. Have at it.

    @Tyler: That’s why I use the word. I know it’s hateful, hurtful and demeaning. But I hate them. And I want to hurt and demean them any way I can.

    There are 10 times as many BREEDERS as gays. I want them to suffer 10 times as much as gays have for their crimes against gays. I want them to face what we have had to face for their sexual orientation what we have had to face for ours as a collective punishment for the 2,000 year ongoing Holocaust against gays.

    Until the Kirk Camerons and Rick Santorums of the world are beaten, tied to fence posts and left for dead, I will use the word. If you don’t like it, go ahead and be a quisling breeder-lover.

  • an ex gay

    these comments prove queers are flaky creeps who are out of their minds.

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