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Tulsi Gabbard abandons commitment to LGBTQ people, goes full on bigot as she exits Congress

In her last few days as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, failed presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard has decided to walk back her commitment to the LGBTQ community by pushing one final piece of legislation on her way out the door that seeks to strip away protections from trans and gender-nonconforming students.

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As you may recall, while running for president in 2019, Gabbard issued an apology for her years of antigay advocacy work and homophobic statements, saying she was “deeply sorry” for her past beliefs and that she now possessed a “strong and ongoing commitment to fighting for LGBTQ+ rights.”

“I regret the role I played in causing such pain,” she said in a video statement, “and I remain committed to fight for LGBTQ equality.”

Well, not anymore!

Last week, Gabbarb introduced the “Protect Women’s Sports Acts,” which aims to limit protections under title IX of the Education Amendments to “biological sex as determined at birth by a physician.”

In other words, if Gabbard gets her way, student athletes who are trans and gender-nonconforming will no longer be protected from discrimination in educational programs or activities that receive federal funding, and trans women would be banned from those programs altogether.

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In a statement, Gabbard said a “generational shift” (read: inclusive views on gender identity) has hurt “countless women” (read: cisgender women) and that her legislation will “provide equal opportunity for women and girls in high school and college sports.”

“Title IX is being weakened by some states who are misinterpreting Title IX, creating uncertainty, undue hardship and lost opportunities for female athletes,” she continued. “It is critical that the legacy of Title IX continues to ensure women and girls in sports have the opportunity to compete and excel on a level playing field.”

It’s unclear why Gabbard is pushing this piece of hateful legislation on her way out the door. Thankfully, the chances of it passing are slim to none.

Gabbard’s term ends on January 3, 2021.

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