Turbo Tax Gives Up On Trying To Handle Married Gays’ Tax Returns

Turbo Tax, the software program that’s having trouble handling your queer marriages and domestic partnerships because of all these confusing state and federal filing requirements, is no longer even going to pretend it can get a handle on what paperwork needs to be filed for America’s gays. “Turbo Tax had said that their March 10th update would allow those of us in Domestic Partnerships in community property states file with their software,” relays Reddit user jbhelms. “They have now reversed that and said you can either do it by hand in the software or hire a professional for more complicated issues. I called this morning and they issued me a refund without any issues.” So a refund is nice. What would be nicer: simplified (and non-discriminatory) tax rules for gay couples across the land, so e-filing really is as easy as a couple of clicks. But if even Tim Geitner can’t figure this stuff out, what hope do us peons have?

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  • The sane Francis

    Exactly why DOMA needs to be repealed, and why MARRIAGE is a big issue, and the “aren’t civil unions OK” is not OK.

  • Shannon1981

    Ridiculous. If they can’t do it, they think we can do it ourselves? At least they are giving refunds…

  • V

    I don’t blame turbo tax in the least, I’m a CPA and believe me this shit is complicated. It requires multiple 1040’s, particularly with a multiple state return, something not even the really expensive tax software can handle.

  • Steve

    I and my partner of almost 20 years are not married, yet, precisely because of the legal morass that would result. In Florida, being married would give us precisely ZERO benefit, but would cost us large amounts of both time and money each year.

    After DOMA is struck down, and the Federal government recognizes our marriages, it will make sense for us to get married.

  • Jeffree

    @TheSaneFrancis: Amen! When str8 people think of gays gettin’ married, they forget that it’s not just about the dang wedding — it’s about taxes, survivorship, pensions, and all the stuff that str8 people take for granted.

    I can’t fault Turbotax for punting on this one: it’s too complicated even for many skilled CPAs who can’t make heads or tails of this either !

    p.s. i’m glad you’re “sane”. I can tell the real you from the fàke you in two sentences. Too many trollls cruising this site these days.

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