Turkey’s (First?) Gay Honor Killing Puts Dad on Trial For Killing Gay Son

Ahmet Yildiz (pictured), the gay Turkish physics student, was gunned down outside his apartment in Istanbul in what’s believed to be the country’s first honor killing. The suspect? His own father, who prosecutors allege traveled over 500 miles to hunt him down. “The young physics student, Ahmet Yildiz, was one of the few openly gay men in Turkey, a country in which the military, the guardian of Turkey’s secular state, regards homosexuality as a disorder. Yildiz represented his country at a gay meeting in San Francisco and wrote for gay publications in Turkey. Observers believe his activism is probably what got him killed. His boyfriend, Ibrahim Can, was in their shared apartment when Yildiz was murdered. He wanted to go out and buy some ice cream, he went down and just got into his car and I heard gunshots, he says. I looked down from the window I saw him being ambushed. He says he ran outside and screamed ‘Please do not die.’ Can said his eyes were closed, when I shouted he opened for a second, he looked at me and then closed his eyes. Can says before the shooting, Yildiz had repeatedly filed complaints at the local prosecutor’s office that he was receiving death threats from his family. Gay rights groups claim the prosecutor’s office did not investigate or provide Yildiz with protection.” An online memorial blog has been set up here. [VOA News]

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  • scott ny'er


  • GoGoGod

    Is that him in the photo? Damm he was hot.

  • lolstupid

    @GoGoGod: Your comment is so fucking vain and stupid.

  • GoGoGod

    no. 3,
    Why, u mean to tell me u didnt think he was hot? Please dude, ur the one whos blind and stupid then.

  • Mykel

    @GOGOGOD: He’s hot??? Is that all you came away with from this article? Not only was he murdered for being gay, he was gunned down by his own father! There is such pain and tragedy in this story, but you focus on his appearance. How sad for you.

  • imwithstupid

    Turkey is pretty liberal for gays, and I’m surprised that there’s such a thing as honor killing for gay men.

    @GOGOGOD. You’re AN hero. You’re like a gay feral child. I love to know you and be your best friend. Mmmwahhh.

  • andy_d

    My thoughts and prayers go out to Mr. Can. I sincerely hope that those responsible, directly or indirectly, for Mr. Yaldiz’ murder are brought to justice quickly.

  • Kieran

    “Honor” ofcourse, should be in quotes. There was nothing “honorable” about this murder. The crime was cowardly, evil and nauseating. Turkey wants to someday become a member of the European Community of nations. It will be interesting to see how she prosecutes this case. I’m sure Europe will be watching.

  • B Damion

    God. Sometimes I think that as an american gay man. I am somewhat
    spoiled. Because the gays out there in foreign countries are still fighting much much harder to stay alive. And all I do is bitch bitch bitch about everything under the son. This is a horrible story. Hopefully someone comes out of this situtation a better person or a changed for the better person. My heart goes out to his partner.

  • edgyguy1426

    Maybe GoGoGod has that disorder where he can’t filter things from his brain to his mouth before they come tumbling out, inappropriately and moronically…

  • StudSlut

    Umm, GoGoGod has a point. Sad and tragic story this is, but the guy was still hot.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Agreed: HOT! Fucking Religion!

  • The Artist

    I have to agree, he was hot!!!!!

  • Incendiary Fairy

    If your feathers are easily ruffled, go ahead and skip this comment.

    a) The term “fundamentalist Islam” is redundant. FUCK Islam, period.

    b) The family members responsible for the death threats, as well as the scumbag “local prosecutor,” need to be shot. Better yet, they should be sodomized repeatedly, then shot.

    c) Yes, Ahmet was FUCKING SEXY. The fact that he was a homo activist in such a conservative, theocratic shit pit of a country makes him even more hot. Wimpy PC faggots: Fuck off. You know you’d hit it, and were he alive, I’m sure Ahmet would be flattered by such a compiment.

    Between this, the executions in Iran, and the recent Uganda bullshit, I’m at a loss.
    I sincerely hope to one day witness the demise of primitive, religious, heteronormative societies.

  • Bayonet

    Let´s bomb Turkey.

  • dana

    hi…please stop that stupid things he was hot its true…but why u havent speak about that stupid father who kill his son cos he is gay ,i dont understand why should muslim accept ,lair,stel,killing,hiting…..etc. but they are not accept gay ? im so sad and im one of those gays who fled from iraq and now i live in europ…thanks

  • [email protected]

    oh,I’m so sorry to hear that.That’s so terrible.I can’t believe that he was killed by his own father.I don’t know what he had thought before he shot his son.I don’t want to say but he is really ruthless!There is nothing wrong with being gay.I’m also a college gay student from Vietnam (of course I don’t let other people know that) and I’m very happy to be a part of the society.About the murder,his father should be sent to the jail and stay there forever.
    Thank guys for reading this comments.

  • Bruce

    It’s not our place to judge other countries. The US going around and judging the policies of other countries, saying they are not democratic enough, don’t respect women enough or do this or that is just another form of Imperialism. His father will be judged in the Turkish court system.

  • Jay

    @IncendiaryFairy @Incendiary Fairy:

    Wow. Way to show the world we’re all just a bunch of bigots as well.

    Istanbul is actually pretty liberal. I mean come on, one of the biggest celebrities is a transwoman — Bulent Ersoy. Technically Turkey isn’t a Muslim country. Also, I don’t think Islam factors into this as much as we like to assume. (Why do people always hate on Islam, have you really never met gay muslims? Theres lots.) Anyways, his dad was probably from rural Turkey; it was most likely just cultural differences. A tragic and pointless way to resolve them. However, I’m sure its happened in the US as well.

    Furthermore, when the article says “first honor killing” is it only referring to that of a gay man? Or just in general? The truth is, this is definitely not the first.

    I hate that queerty always represents other countries and cultures so negatively. We’re not so perfect ourselves, lets not forget this.

  • kayla

    Some of you people are so very ignorant, sometimes…As someone who’s actually visited Turkey (and Greece), let me just say that Turkey is a very progressive country. If all the Muslim countries were like Turkey, we would not have half the problems we have as far as radical Islam. Turkey is a secular country (not as liberal as Europe, but getting there), women are not allowed to cover their heads in most public institutions….The military is tasked with preserving the SECULAR Constitution and would NEVER allow an Islamist to take power, they would be KILLED….This is very, very rare incident in Turkey. The father was obviously a religious fanatic, but this has nothing to do with all Turks….Just as the whackjob in Arizona who shot the Congress woman and killed that innocent little girl is not the fault of all Americans….Muslims are human beings too, and sometimes they do horrible things…Just like other human beings…Stop lumping all Muslims together!! The Turkish people are beautiful, welcoming and cosmopolitan!!

    There’s a thriving gay nightlife in Istanbul!!

  • justiceontherocks

    @kayla: You went to turkey so you’re an expert on the nation? No sale.

  • kayla

    @justiceontherocks: No, I’m not an expert on Turkey. But I know it’s not some Islamic backwater like some of the comments would have you think. It’s a very cosmopolitan country, or at least that’s the impression I got, especially in Istanbul…Most women wear absolutely no covering and look like they could be walking down any street in New York…Same for the men. American music, movie are taking hold! It’s got beautiful hotels and parks, just a beautiful place (of course there are more rural areas with backward thinking people, like any other country)…that’s all I was trying to say, maybe I went overboard…sorry!

  • Gene

    I said that too!! He was just adorable! I hate that this happened to him.

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