Turkey’s Gay Oppression Garners More Opposition

Human Rights Watch continues to turn the heat up on Turkey. The group yesterday sent out a press release lamenting a Turkish court’s decision to dissolve Lambda Istanbul, a gay group the government found to be “immoral.” And researcher Emma Sinclair-Webb led the call:

The judge’s arbitrary decision highlights the prejudiced proceedings. If the authorities can close one organization on procedural pretexts, all of civil society is in danger.

The Turkish authorities must decide whether nongovernmental organizations are fair game for harassment, or full partners in a free society. Promotion of tolerance and respect for civil society by the Turkish government is key.

While it’s bad enough that Turkey continues to come down on its queers, the nation has been itching for entry into the European Union. The Union, however, requires members to treat all citizens equally.

But, then again, the Union could just be talking turkey.