You shouldn't have

He turned his coming out into an actual Xmas present and the internet is loving it

The Internet has been swept out to a sea of schmaltz thanks to the efforts of an Imgur user who decided to give his family the gift of homosexuality for Xmas.

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While holiday coming out is nothing new, the approach here took it to a new level. A very literal new level.

Like, literal literal.

For starters, the parcel has been turned out to look like… yeah:

And those doors open to reveal a young man who bares an unlikely resemblance to the gift-giver. See?

And then the whole thing flops open for the big, big, big, big Christmas reveal: 

After he posted images of his Christmas gift to Imgur, he received lots of support and positive feedback, but there were a few bitter-hearted trolls out there, because it’s the Internet.

“Why does it matter what you are?” bitched one commenter, who claimed the gift “has NOTHING to do with Christmas.”

User Mills2016 ardently disagreed, causing the Internet to draw a collective “awwwwww.”

“Christmas is about family,” he writes. “Coming out means sharing a deeply personal secret with the family. Sounds like it has a lot to do with Christmas. [He] is giving a very personal gift to the family. I think it’s awesome, providing the family is accepting.”

It’s also cost-effective. So there’s that.

h/t: NewNowNext