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Turning 50 was the best thing that ever happened to this DILF’s dating game

A funny thing happened on one gay man’s way to turning 50… He suddenly turned hot. And he didn’t even have to do anything!

“I have no idea, exactly, how the expression ‘hot’ become associated with me, nor am I completely comfortable with the phrase,” David Toussaint writes in a new op-ed.

He continues, “I learned a long time ago that I’d never be one of those guys who turns everyone’s head at a party, and I could never post two Facebook selfies and write something like ‘beard or no beard?’ and get 75 gazillion ‘likes.'”

All that changed, however, when he turned the big 5-0.

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Now 53, Toussaint writes, “At some point during the past few years, I became sexy, objectified, a prize. … ‘Daddy’ is now one of the most sought-after types of men in the gay ether. It’s a Thing.”

While his sudden sexiness has taken some getting used to, he’s definitely not complaining:

I’m bombarded with young men (and men my age) offering me carte blanche to their derriere accouterments, in between the occasional “Back off, Gramps!” Physically speaking, these are the same men who denied it to me when I was their age. Sometimes it’s a bit creepy (“You look just like my dad and I love incest”), but most of the time it’s as sexy as Matt Bomer and… fill in the blank.

So what’s the takeaway from all this?

Put simply: If dating’s got you down, just remember… Your best days may very well be ahead of you. And, depending how old you are, they could be way ahead of you.

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“My time as a hot guy has finally arrived,” Toussaint says. “It can happen to anyone at any age, and, like a homecoming queen or ‘Star Search’ winner, I need to live in the moment. Like everything else, it will soon grow old.”

h/t: HuffPo