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Turning Google’s Adorable Paris Ad Into a PSA for Bi-National Gay Couples

Google’s Parisian love story didn’t debut during the Super Bowl (it was released in November), but that’s where America found out about it, and fell in love with it. Basic premise: Boy meets girl in Paris, boy uses Google to plan their life together. But what about boy meets boy? Yep, this has “PSA for the United American Families Act” — the bi-national couples concern — written all over it.

(Thanks, Jordan!)

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  • miguel soares

    Very very cool!

    ILGA Portugal, still in the middle of same-sex marriage legalization in Portugal, released today a new ad:

    Translation: The love between a father and a son is unconditional, right? The driving lessons.. the games.. the jokes.. the advices.. the good and the bad moments. But some things we’re never prepared to listen. Like the day when he came and said “I discovered I’m gay”. I was confused, without knowing what to think. Just because a father is gay, is he less father because of that? Family is love, caring and understanding. Before judging, think.

    There’s also a billboard version with a lesbian mum: “If your mother was lesbian, would that change anything?”.

  • TommyOC

    It’s a great idea and very seamlessly executed! Kudos to the filmmakers.

    Though I am a little perturbed at the “open long distance relationship”-part.

  • JohnnyJet

    Like TommyOC, I thought it was a great vidoe, except that I was a little taken aback by the “Translation for je veux lecher ton foutre” (apparently a slang term for “I want to lick your cum”). It’s just enough to feed into ultra-conservative America’s view of us as all being slutty men who are really focused on just one thing; sex.

    If the original ad had had something like “How to I stimulate a woman to orgasm” not only would it have not been aired, it wouldn’t have had even remotely the same emotional impact it does. The ad is supposed to tug at emotional strings and the “Gay Version” sullies that by making it about carnal desire too.

    I don’t advocated changing who we are as a group just to make America “comfortable”…but there’s a huge difference between staying true to one’s self and just being crass for the heck of it.

  • Tommy

    It’s so unfair! This guy has a pornographic one-night stand, which turns into an “open relationship”. But the evil US government won’t recognize it as the equivalent of a marriage. Call Amnesty International!

    Seriously, this ad shows that people are just clueless about how to craft and convey a message. That the genius who put this together couldn’t grasp that some these google entries clashed with the overall message is pretty sad. That Queerty doesn’t grasp it is no surprise.

  • Tweek

    Wow, either @JohnnyJet and @Tommy are complete trolls or completely jaded.

    Many gay male relationships are quite different from the straight, conservative norm. Gay men are, more often, mentally better able to understand how to separate love and sex. And we’re more honest about our needs and desires.

    Do you seriously think that the path to marriage in the US is through social normalization and caving to the conservative view? The point is that we each decide with our partner (gay or straight) what our relationship is. And marriage is simply a way of declaring your commitments life-long. Those commitments may vary wildly from couple to couple, but the point is to effect positive growth for each partner.

    Leave the application of conservative values to the churches.

  • Alex

    5 – no Tweek what you describe as normal has come forth out of having been relegated to living a sub-culture. What is normal and acceptable does not just change if you’re gay.

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