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It turns out the actor behind AHS’s mysterious ‘Big Daddy’ mask is quite the big daddy

American Horror Story: NYC, dubbed the anthology series’ “gayest season yet,”, features no shortage of established, hunky talent.

But there’s one newcomer who’s instilling fear–and a dose of intrigue–as the story unfolds, and he goes by Big Daddy.

The character is suspected of committing all sorts of dastardly deeds, though we’re still thinking there’s a Murphy-esque midseason twist that might clear his name.

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Though he shows ample skin, Big Daddy appears in a full leather mask, leaving many fans wondering: Who are you, Big Daddy?!

And while his true motivations may stay secret for several more weeks, the internet has discovered the man behind the character… behind the mask.

New York-based Matthew William Bishop left his career in corporate public relations and is making his acting debut behind Big Daddy’s mask.

He’s a self-described “avid bodybuilder and continues to balance his passion for bodybuilding with his desire to pursue other prominent acting roles.”

It’s safe to say he’s found a newfound fan base after viewers discovered his Instagram feed:

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