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Turns out this drag-hating GOP candidate secretly loves drag and here are the receipts

Kari lake with drag queen Celia Putty. Photo Credit: Instagram (shared with permission from Richard Stevens/Barbra Seville)

Among the alarming wave of conservative politicians jumping on the trend to paint drag queens as perverts, pedophiles, and a danger to children is Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake. The thing is, Lake’s been known to kiki with queens in the past, and one Phoenix-area drag artist has the receipts.

Over the weekend, “Drag Queen Extraordinaire” Barbra Seville (performer Richard Stevens) took to social media to spill the tea on her old acquaintance, the Trump-endorsed candidate who has “waded in to the war on drag queens.”

In a series of posts—collected into a viral thread by Phoenix journalist Brahm Resnik—Barbra has shared specific memories, texts, and photos that show Lake to be a complete hypocrite, one who not only has enjoyed drag shows in the past, but once would have considered Barbra to be a friend.

In an initial post, Barbra called Lake a “complete hypocrite” and went on to share that says she has performed at the politician’s birthday, at some of “the seediest bars in Phoenix,” and—in one specific example—even at her own home when children were present.

“Kari was a friend of mine,” the drag queen admits, “and I stood by her when she turned to the right. I reached out (and she responded repeatedly) when she took a public drubbing.”

But it’s clear Lake has only dug herself further into a hole of MAGA politics since then, now taking aim at the very drag queens she once supported.

A statement from Lake’s team has called the posts “full of lies,” refuting the last claim, in particular, saying that it wasn’t a drag show but a party that featured a Marilyn Monroe impersonator.

Well, honey, that “impersonator” was a man… in drag.

In a short response, Barbra added, “I was the ‘Marilyn.’ And her daughter was there.” At one point in time, Lake didn’t have any issue bringing a child around drag artists, so why the change of tune? Now she’s jumped on the conservative bandwagon, and is the latest politicians to accuse queens of “sexualizing” children as a means of activating a base of supporters who we’re going to guess have never even been to a drag show.

As of reporting, the final post in Resnik’s Twitter thread is an old, late-2014 post from Lake’s Instagram, a blurry photo of her with Barbra—in drag—that lauds the queen.

The caption reads, “Half of what I learned about makeup I learned from watching friends like Barbra Seville.” Well then where did Lake learn the other half? A dumpster? Because she looks like a mess.

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