Turns Out Cindy McCain Does Not Miss What John McCain Used To Be: They’re Both Liars

“I think it’s very significant what she said,” says Dan Choi, who is still willing to show his face on MSNBC, about Cindy McCain appearing in the NOH8 PSA. “What you’re seeing in the McCain family is Mrs. McCain misses what Mr. McCain was when she married him: a maverick who was able to stand up for what he knew was right, saying that ,’If the military leadership says get rid of it, let’s do the right thing and get rid of it.’” LOL! So not only has Cindy reversed her anti-DADT position in 24 hours, but her senator of a husband — who said he would support repeal if military leaders told him they did too — is also ignoring his own previous remarks. This family is a nightmare.

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  • Joe in Savannah

    Either you are with us or against us Mrs. McCain. Make up your mind.

  • reason

    No surprise here, medieval McCain probably slapped her back in time, he is a conservative after all that would fit into his values. John McCain still has a chance to course correct when the December first report officially comes out, and his wife could be alluding to wanting to see the impact on the forces before deciding. It is hard to know what is going through Johns mind though, he has been very nasty about the whole thing. Then again we all know the kind of erratic individual that he is from the campaign.

  • CJ

    I guess that I’m not understanding how she’s a liar. Queerty seems confused again. Cindy McCain speaks for Cindy McCain. Dan Choi doesn’t speak for her – or anyone but himself. She goes much further in advocating equality for the LGBT community than Obama – or ANY other wife of a Senator or Republican. I don’t understand your comments on this, Queerty. She’s doing more than 95% of the straight people in public life and hasn’t reversed anything.

  • Sceth

    “Standing by” the opinion of a consort who disagrees with you does not constitute changing your opinion to conform with theirs. Dan Choi’s maxims are just annoying and nuance-free.

  • hf2hvit

    It was also said about SMEG Whitman: WHORE!!!

  • Cam

    Senator McCain has an openly gay cheif of staff, Mark Buse.

    So he thinks that gays are good enough to run his presidential cmapaign, and to run all areas of his legislative career and office, and yet can’t work in the military.

    Cindy supports that attitude apparently. She should be ashamed of herself, Senator McCain is a hypocrite, and Mark Buse should be embarassed to show his face in public.

  • reason

    @CJ: This has nothing to do with Choi, I don’t even know why they put this clip up. She alone actually walked back her statements, or clarified, and said she supports what no H8 is trying to do but she stands by her husbands stance on DADT. . She is basically saying she supports us fighting for our rights but she stands by the reasoning for not giving them to us.

  • WillBFair

    Choi was excellent in this, reasonable and articulate. After some of his recent mis-steps, I thought he was a dingbat. Will have to rethink that.
    There’s no surprise here about Cindy. She married that nut bar in the first place. Why would anyone be surprised that she switches her positions? The McCains have no honor, as they’ve shown time and again.

  • Mike_AFX

    @CJ: Really? She goes much further than advocating her support for LGBT Rights that Obama? No. Just… no.

  • mike

    Once again,Dan Choi crosses the line.You don’t see anything wrong with the statement he made. “What you’re seeing in the McCain family is Mrs. McCain misses what Mr. McCain was when she married him: a maverick who was able to stand up for what he knew was right”??? He tried to make it seem as if the couple had marriage problems. I can see why that would force Cindy to take back what she said. Simply not agreeing with your husband on an issue doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t like him. Dan Choi is a nightmare for the gay community.

  • Mike Ford

    Seriously…I know personally…from friends and family, if you consider yourself a “republican” in today’s vernacular, you better watch your back. Republicans are NOT your friend. I have had to cut lifelong ties recently but I feel more human and real than I ever have…there is much dismay and loss and “boo-hooing” on their side. They feel a loss but strangely, I do not.

  • whatever

    McCain probably called her a c**t or trollop as he is wont to do.

  • Brian Miller

    If all of McCain’s gay friends, employees, associates, donors and supporters were to disappear from his political and personal life, he’d be out of office so fast your head would spin.

  • Queer Supremacist

    John McBreeder deserved to be tortured in Vietnam, and if there was any justice he would have gotten worse.

    I never thought I’d say anything good about the Viet Cong, but thanks for what you did to this breeder scumbag, guys.

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