South African Archbishop Not Down With Persecution

Tutu “Sorry” For Church’s Anti-Gay Ways

Archbishop Desmond Tutu’s a real mensch. The South African appears on BBC’s Gay Hour tonight and apologizes for the Anglican church’s queer oppression:

I want to apologize to you and to all those who we in the church have persecuted,” Archbishop Tutu says in the interview.

I’m sorry that we have been part of the persecution of a particular group. For me that is quite un-Christ like and, for that reason, it is unacceptable.

Maybe even as a retired Archbishop I probably have, to some extent, a kind of authority but apart from anything let me say for myself and anyone who might want to align themselves with me, I’m sorry.

I’m sorry for the hurt, for the rejection, for the anguish that we have caused to such as yourselves.

Tutu also made headlines last month when he slammed the Anglican Communion’s “gay restraint:” a moratorium on gay clergy. Swoon