Tutu Throwdown


We love Desmond Tutu, Archbishop of South Africa. Not only did he play an instrumental role in the end of apartheid, help keep the Truth and Reconciliation Commission on track, and provide hope the world over, but he loves the gays.
A new biography reveals his disdain for fellow Anglicans who discriminate against gays. Rabble-Rouser For Peace, written by Tutu’s former presss secretary, John Allen, reveals Tutu’s shock and disgust over the largely virulent reaction to the 2003 appointment of gay bishop Gene Robinson.

Allen writes: “Tutu found it little short of outrageous that church leaders should be obsessed with issues of sexuality in the face of the challenges of AIDS and global poverty.”

It’s a shame more people don’t listen to Tutu, because – and we say this without even the slightest amount of sarcasm – he may very well be Jesus reincarnate. And, as if his good work and keen empathy aren’t enough, he’s a total ham: we had the honor of attending his 75th birthday party on Monday and during his speech he said, “I was so overwhelmed when I arrived, I waved to Stevie Wonder!”