TV 2005: So Gay!


Yesterday’s So Gay! list was all about the big screen. Today we look at the small screen and why the year in television was So Gay!

5. Boston Legal. Boston Legal may just be the funniest show on TV. It is well written, smart, and has an all-star, hilarious ensemble cast. It is the relationship between two straight men that makes the show so gay. William Shatner and James Spader share the same bed, bicker, and even dressed as matching pink flamingos for Halloween. It is the perfect gay relationship, except they don’t have sex.

vince taylor

4. Commander In Chief. A woman moves into the Oval Office and kicks ass in Washington. The Gays were down from the beginning, especially since we’ve long loved Geena Davis. However it was the plotline about Special Assistant to the President Vince Taylor (Anthony Azizi) that really made us fans. In one episode it was revealed he was HIV+ and gay. The storyline was handled with respect and we only wish Mack was in Bush’s place.

3. Project Runway. There are so many gays on the new Project Runway that we cannot keep count. These ladies would, at times, make both Jay McCarroll and Austin Scarlett look butch. Queens and dresses and Michael Kors oh my! Another hit season is off the ground and running.

2. Desperate Housewives. Though the ladies of Wisteria Lane are hetero, you can’t get campier than Desperate Housewives. A gay subplot involving Bree’s son has us on edge. Jesse Metcalf is still hot, hot, hot. And Marcia Cross is still the best tranny on television. Don’t listen to the critics denouncing season two. These women are still one gay old time.

After the jump, the gayest thing on TV in 2005!


1. America’s Next Top Model. The Gays have long been a fan of this show for many reasons: Tyra the drag queen, Mr. and Miss J, and hottie judge Nigel Barker. But this year the show took a different turn as out dyke Kim Stolz declared after kissing one of her straight competitors “One down, 11 to go!” The 11 girls laughed and we realized at that moment 12 year old girls all over the US were being told its OK to be gay.