TV Couples Therapy: Analyzing Primetime’s Prime Pairings

“The New Normal”David & Bryan

Where we last left off: David and Bryan successfully inseminated Goldie and are going through the normal and new normal motions of becoming first-time parents, like buying new clothes, dealing with a precocious eight-year-old who does a spot on Little Edie and a  racist, gun-toting grandmother with flawless hair. Are they taking on too much too soon?

Diagnosis: David and Bryan seem to have it all and want to open their lives and their wallets to help Goldie, not only as their surrogate but as their friend. Though Nana’s icy demeanor is slowly melting – the Titanic could hit her and it would still sink, but she’s coming along – and Shania provides nice training for  the soon-to-be parents, the lurking presence of Goldie’s ex might prove too much to handle: last night we found out he’s challenging Goldie for custody of Shania. David and Bryan might have to eschew couple’s counseling for legal counsel.