TV Couples Therapy: Analyzing Primetime’s Prime Pairings

“Glee “Kurt & Blaine

Where we last left off: Haunting the halls of McKinley after failing to get into NYADA, Kurt finally moved to New York to live with Rachel, leaving Blaine behind to lead the New Directions in Lima and adding yet another long-distance relationship to the show. Will their love stand the test of time and a few hundred miles?

Diagnosis: A weekly Skype performance of classic love duets, such as Diana Ross and Lionel Richie’s “Endless Love,” Barbra Streisand and Neil Diamond’s “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers” and Rihanna and Chris Brown’s “Birthday Cake (Remix)” should do the trick. Those kids would sing while sleeping if they could and songs have always been their way to reconciliation. Though word to the wise, keep an eye out for potential bumps in the road; namely sensitive jock Karofsky, who still probably harbors feelings for Kurt – and tends to show up out of nowhere and for no reason other than a convenient plot device – and resident evil gay Sebastian Smythe.