TV Justice Goes Gay!

Gay just got another euphemism: “colorful”.

That’s how Sony Pictures describes their latest judicial personality.

Young will take boobs and their tubes by storm this fall as television’s first gay judge. The good judge, who lives in Miami with his equally law-abiding boyfriend, Judge Scott Bernstein, gets the press release work out over at the show’s website:

Quick-witted, provocative and compassionate, Judge David Young arrives to daytime television straight from his native Miami, where he achieved local celebrity for his creative courtroom approach and his tough, but fair sentencing.

Known for his fierce intelligence and occasional bursts into show tunes, Judge David Young brings a refreshing perspective to the daytime audience.

The best part of the show? The not-nearly clever, yet still amusing tagline, of course: “Justice with a snap”.

A judge “straight” from Miami with a penchant for show tunes? GLAAD will either cream themselves or scream themselves to death. We’re betting on the former.

So, what kind of “creative courtroom approach” will Young be taking?

[One] creative judgment included dropping an elderly opera singer’s disorderly conduct charges in exchange for a virtuoso courtroom performance.

We can’t wait to see how he handles irate hookers.

(Thanks for the heads up, Faggoty-Ass-Faggot. You’re a doll.)