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TV rarity: A romantic lead just came out as bisexual

While television inches along in terms of LGBTQ representation, there’s one area that remains largely untouched: bisexuality.

In particular, male bisexuality.

Well, one show is boldly going where few have gone before: Tyler Posey’s character on Jane the Virgin just came out as bi, and it was handled with care.

The 26-year-old actor plays Adam, who has had an on-again, off-again romance with the titular Jane.

The two were engaged once, but Jane’s mom succeeded in breaking the couple up. Now Adam is back, and they’ve rekindled their connection.

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And this time around, Adam is opening up about his past experiences dating men.

He tells Jane that he had a boyfriend “when everyone was experimenting” and another one afterward “when everyone wasn’t.”

Jane’s initial reaction is a common one. “It’s just, we’ve had so many long talks. How come you never mentioned this?” she asks.

“It just didn’t really feel that relevant,” Adam tells her. “And I guess I was nervous. It’s become an issue with people I’ve dated before.”

After the initial surprise, Jane confides to her mother that she’s “hung up” on Adam’s revelation, which she then relays to Adam directly:

“Well, I guess I feel a little insecure, you know,” she tells him. “It’s not like I can give you what a man can.”

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“Well, yeah, you’re right, you can’t,” Adam says. “But you can’t give me what other women can give me, either. but it doesn’t matter because I choose to be with you. I don’t want to be with anyone else.”

Gina Rodriguez, who plays Jane told Variety that everyone was focused on getting Adam’s story right.

“We were introducing a character who comes with a lot of history, a lot of weight for Jane, and a lot of narrative propulsive energy for us.”

“I feel like you see a lot of bisexual women on TV because men think it’s sexy when women make out… we hadn’t had a romantic hero who’s also bisexual.”

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  • terminalose

    bisexual … nobody wants it, and it makes sense: who wants a cheater?

    • Walker

      Yes, because lord knows, gay men are noted for the faithfulness and monogamy.

    • Kucochin

      Wow, that’s incredibly f***ing ignorant. Because of course everyone knows all non-bisexuals are perfect angels. Really? You must be a real self-hating, pill-popping miserable bitch to say something that stupid.

    • terminalose

      Oh SJW bisexuals cry… good for them. I stay on my position : gay guys avoid bisexual because we test it, we know chat they are.

    • Bryguyf69

      @terminalose Your assumption about bisexuals is as stupid as the homophobic belief that gays are automatically lustful of anything with a penis. That latter myth is what many straight men cite to ban gays from the military, locker rooms, dorms, etc. Maybe you’re feral enough to be ruled by your penis, but do society a favor by not projecting your lack of control to others.

    • Knight

      LOL!! “SJW bisexuals”?? Nah..we take it on the chin, whereas you take it in the face. Believe me.

    • terminalose

      Queerty is a site for gays guys… bisexuals, sorry to offend your fragilty but this is our space, not yours

    • Knight

      Terminaloser this site has women as well…are you going after them next? LOL…way to show your exclusionist colors there, phucktard.

    • cttimberwolf56


      Queerty is a site for gays guys… bisexuals, sorry to offend your fragilty but this is our space, not yours
      I think your commit is BS the term LGBT includes us Bisexuals This is a perfect example of how shallow gays can be instead of supporting our full community LGBT you try to tear us apart .

    • Stephen

      Bisexual here. Why is cheating your fear? In 5 relations, 2 with women, I was completely monogamous the entire time. Only once did we open a relationship due to a long cancer treatment for 9 months. It’s not cheating if you have an agreement to put sex on the back burner with a loving partner. So I would say, when single I have usually dated bi men as natural, easy going, less judgement, more open hearted intimacy. I have no regrets or fears. I have my integrity and good friends who were great partners. That’s the best. Returning to friendships from lovers is a beautiful thing. Sexuality is truly fluid. It’s not denial. We are no more sex fiends seeking to cheat then all gay men are sex freaks who convert straight people.

      Be cool.

    • batesmotel

      I’ve never met a gay men who didn’t cheat.

    • tricky ricky

      i have no use for them.

  • Greg

    I think all the boys on Teen Wolf are a little gay. I don’t know why anybody would come out as bisexual. I would keep it to myself.

    • Kucochin

      The ignorance and self-hating in these comments are astounding. I guess that makes you Mr. Perfect right? Judgmental bitch.

    • Knight

      Greg you are EXACTLY the reason why most bisexuals “keep it to ourselves”.

    • frankcar1965

      “Bisexual” is just mid transition to Gay, everyone knows that. It’s the biggest BS their ever was. They just need to come on OUT!!!!

  • pryan_uttzey

    Terminaloser assumes that because one is bisexual one is a cheater. Kinda stupid assumptions.

  • DCguy

    In other words, they’re doing the typical Hollywood B.S. and making his Bisexuality theoretical. It’s Hollywood going “See Middle America, it’s ok, because he’s dating a woman!”.

    If they want to not do the B.S. 1990’s TV crap, at least show him dating the guy and then have them break-up if they want him to be with a woman on the show. The way they’re doing it now is no different then having a married woman character tell her husband that she once messed around with a woman in High School.

    Let the characters actually BE bisexual not just use it to claim that the show is open minded.

    • BriBri

      You managed to slip away from your sling? Gee, you must walk funny.

    • DCguy


      How adorable, you were busy defending a child molester and I called you out on it on the other posting. Glad to see you got so upset. Sorry, that’s what you get by being an anti-lgbt troll on a site like this.

    • BriBri

      You’re quite adorable too, how was I defending a child molester? Obviously the poppers have fried your brain.

    • BriBri

      PS: I’m not aniti lgbt, I’m anti obtuse twerps like you DCGUY.

    • Xzamilloh

      Kids, kids…. you’re both just awful.

    • DCguy


      Awww, how cute, you defended Roy Moore on the other post and now claim you aren’t anti-lgbt. IF you’re trying to do that convincingly you may want to avoid attacking people with stereotypical Right wing anti-lgbt comments. Slings? Poppers? Really? Have you been reading a NOM pamphlet Troll?

    • BriBri

      @DCGUY Oink oink little piggie, hates to be called out as a Sling lizard! Does the Crew Club have a special plaque for you?

  • Kangol

    It sounds like Jane the Virgin handled this character’s coming out with sensitivity and insight, which is so important given the general bi-phobia and ignorance in general about human sexualities.

    I agree with DCguy, though, that it would be nice for the show to have him date a guy onscreen.

  • Knight

    I’ve never watched (or even heard of) this show before, but whoever was writing for this character at least got the dialogue right. Bisexual men are no “hornier” or promiscuous than any gay man…or any man arguably. I’m not going to go into a diatribe about everyone’s sexual spectrum, but will say that a) bisexual men have a much higher suicide rate than gay men and b) everyone assumes that bisexual means “straight acting”, which is absolutely NOT the case (I’ve known cross-dressing men who are almost 100% attracted to women, but have to “play gay” to get work in their “industry”). So, both the attitude of the girl and the hesitance of the man to reveal he is bisexual is VERY common…I lived it. There is always the fear that once you “come out” you aren’t taken as serious by either men OR women afterwards. Women think you are “experimenting” with them until you just “go gay” and guys think you not ready to commit and “closetted”. BTW, if anyone wants a GOOD LAUGH and has 9 minutes to spare, I would highly recommend watching this short on the topic

    • Donston

      Bi-identifying men and men with some bi-sexuality to their orientation are indeed more likely to suffer from persistent depression and have slightly higher suicide rates (though only slightly) than homo-identifying people. But it doesn’t appear to come from mainly sociological reasons. It’s at least partially due to men who have some genuine bisexuality in their orientation being a bit more likely to have suffered from molestation or traumatic sexual assault/s than men are 100% homo. Though the percentage is high on both fronts. Also, the amount of internalized homophobia, particularly for gay-leaning men with some bi-sexuality in their orientation, can be very high, which can cause persistent internal conflict, self-consciousness and a persistent desire to retain a sense of hetero-normalcy and/or hetero dynamics.

      The show really offered nothing but cliches in the coming out dialogue (“I’m open to loving anyone” really needs to stop being a go-to for non hetero and non homo identifying people. Being “open-minded” isn’t an orientation). But I do give the show some credit for at least going there.

    • Knight

      Donston who said you could crawl out of your toilet bowl? Your opinion is neither wanted nor remotely relevant to this or ANY conversation. Swish away, bitter troll…swish away.

    • Donston

      I call you out on your blunt, broad-stroking, embittered and paranoid earlier post and all you can do is question if my mother is a whore. I offer a thorough, level-headed explanation for one of your queries and get called a troll. Those tactics are nothing new here. We’ve engaged many times before. Please stop fronting like you’re a newbie. It’s lame. Also, if you don’t want to engage in conversation that is upsetting or deals with things below the surface then you didn’t need to bother replying at all, because there was nothing “trolly” about that post. You’re exposing yourself pretty early in the game.

      Also, your views on bisexuality, as usual, is from a very hetero-normal perspective. And there are hints that you suffer from some internalized homophobia and female envy in just these few posts under your new alias. Stuff like that is why some resent the “bi label” beyond their basic ignorance.

    • Knight

      Donston you’re a phucktard…this much is clear. I don’t know who you think I am, but I have only been on this site since this profile was created. Your hysteria and paranoia that yet another person is calling you out on you being a troll is just that. Just remember; YOU came at ME first on the other thread, calling me “stupid” etc simply because I had an opinion you disagreed with. And rather than engage in IDEAS you just started with your bitchy, baseless ad hominem attack, showing your true colors. Now you feel you want to act nice and be my friend? Phukk that you little b*tch. You don’t get to tell me or ANYONE who or HOW to comment. And I repeat: your opinion on this or any other topic is neither wanted nor relevant. So, take your whiny, bitch little troll-self and comment to someone who CARES. I’m inviting you to Phukk off now.

    • Donston

      I could indeed be mistaken about your identity. “Mo Bro” and most of his aliases haven’t made a ton of appearances here lately. I assumed that was you. So, if not I apologize. But I won’t apologize for calling you out on that post. These are comment sections, after all. Rebuttals are to be expected, and I embrace them. And your comment was indeed blunt, embittered and had almost nothing to do with the topic or with the post you was responding to and neither did anyone’s mother. Besides, blaming everything on the “femi-nazis”, especially in a discussion about effeminate, is a cheap tactic that often just lets guys off the hook for their BS.

      You have shown in just a few posts under “Knight” the same patterns that so many “proudly bi” men here and all over the internet have frequently displayed: general arrogance, resentment or envy towards women and at least some amount of internalized homophobia. I don’t consider myself to be bi but rather a homo-leaning queer. I simply cannot relate to the mentality of most bi-identifying men even if my orientation reflects a percentage of them. I do like engaging in conversation and helping give people insight on the variations and complications of orientation (passion, desire, attraction and romantic satisfaction) and like to get insight from others. And I’m about getting to the core of why certain resentments and misunderstandings exists rather than sticking to cliches and coddling. One of the reasons I was strong with that reply was because I assumed you were someone else, but I’m never a troll. And even the people here that feel some type of way about me has never called me such.

      None of this “no, you are a troll” conversation has anything to do with the topic or our first two posts. So, it’s best we both move on.

    • Knight

      Hey, Phucktard, I’ve been TELLING you to “move on”, but YOU are the one trolling ME over several threads now. And once again, I KNOW there will be differences of opinion, but bitchy little queens like you always have to try to bring the conversation down to your pitiful level by starting a response with “you’re so stupid! You shouldn’t even breath! You make me sick!” So, don’t try and make this seem like it’s about a difference of opinion…I WELCOME good debate. This is about you being a BITCH and a TROLL. Move on, now bitch. And don’t bother me again.

    • batesmotel

      That’s actually not true. There are endless statistics you can find online that reveal that gays are five times more likely to commit suicide over bisexuals, lesbians, and transgenders. Those who are furthest on the gay spectrum have a deeper history with depression over any other group.

    • Knight

      Bates I wouldn’t have brought it up if it weren’t true. I understand the knee-jerk reaction is to believe that people who are “out” and identify as “gay” get the brunt of all the negatives in society. But recent studies within the past decade have shown consistently that bisexual people are far more at risk of suicide, job discrimination and a host of other ills. And if you think about it, it definitely makes sense, since the gay community is NOTHING if not accepting of diversity…but often that does NOT include anyone who is still attracted to the opposite sex,meaning they are instantly seen as “other” or “traitor” or “poser”. So, the support from the gay community is not always there for bisexuals, and definitely not from straights. And I’m absolutely NOT saying this as a “poor us!” or “WE’RE the real VICTIMS here!!!” Just that previous to this last decade, you didn’t see very many people at ALL who openly self-identified as bisexual, so this data just wasn’t out there. But now it is

  • Jaxton

    Liberals think of male bisexuality as a “problem”. They’re uncomfortable about it.

    On the other hand, these same liberals think of female bisexuality as “hot”. They reward it even if it’s fake.

    This bisexual double standard is the defining hypocrisy of liberals.

    • DCguy

      Oh, I see that the former “Brian” now Jaxton is on here to blah blah blah about how much he hates women.

      I see you’re now on the anti-liberal troll boat. Thanks for letting us know.

  • kcXanadu

    I’m just that we, as the gay community, have stopped trying to militarize every person that comes out and force them into activism.
    Remember those days?
    Now we’re finally letting people do their own thing on their own time. Yea for us.

  • Terrycloth

    Stop with these misleading click bait headlines…His “character ” came.out as bi.
    So …?

    • Knight

      Um…it was pretty clear to me. You think it’s “click bait” that a TV character “comes out” on a program as opposed to doing so in real life? I think male bisexual representation on television is AWESOME and definitely news-worthy (for this site anyway). If it helps you sleep at night, just assume most young actors in Hollywood are bisexual (at least when they need to be to get roles anyway).

  • Jaxton

    Women are NOT generally tolerant of the presence of homosexual impulses in their husbands or boyfriends. Many divorces have been instigated by women for this reason, and under the guise of “irreconcilable differences”.

    Men who have both hetero and homo impulses have the ability to destroy girl power by removing from women the power of consent.

    Gay-identifying men tend to take the woman’s side because they are womanly themselves.

    • Donston

      How many times are you gonna re-iterate the same two or three misogynist points? Most divorces that occur due to a man’s “homosexual impulses” usually occur when a man has lost his “heterosexual impulses” or simply wishes to live a life reflective of his majority orientation (by the time someone hits 40 they usually lost interest in having sex and/or relationships with someone that doesn’t represent their majority orientation unless they’re a legit 50/50 bi or they’re a megalomaniac). Despite what you have read on the internet most gay and gay-leaning men who marry women stay married to women or they themselves initiate divorce. Also, there are many gay identifying men who love the idea of having sex and/or relationships with straight identifying and bi-identifying men or at least a man who has had sex with women. So, you’re off there. Finally, are you suggesting more men start raping women to take away their “power”? I didn’t think you’d ever say something that far out, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

    • tham

      How awesome, two Russian bots trying to out bot each other. Millennials do not use those words and Gen X stopped talking like that 20 years ago.

      I feel like I’m transported to a college sociology class in the 1990s.

  • Alnbarthel

    who set monogamy is the ultimate goal of human relationships? obviously someone who doesn’t understand human nature.

    bi – gay – str8 – what ever… whatever…. it is all a part of our human identity –

    • Jaxton

      You can be bisexual and monogamous at the same time.

  • Prax07

    From my own personal experience, as I’ve said previously, Bi men are liars, cheaters, and on the narcissistic spectrum. Every last one, there were no exceptions, not one. I mean If every box of rat poison you try kills mice, then is it not safe to state all rat poison is lethal? Every bi guy I’ve known over the past twenty years has shown narcissist tendencies, up to being full blown narcissistic abusers. All had cheated, all had lied to someone in their romantic/sexual life. So yes, bi guys are liars and cheaters. If that offends anyone I don’t care because it’s the only truth I know about bi men.

    • Jaxton

      Maybe you are mixing with the wrong guys?

    • DCguy

      You basically just described what people would say about 60% of their exes straight or gay. Sounds like you may be picking the wrong people to date.

      Either that or you’re just another account trying to stir up problems.

    • batesmotel

      Wow, what bisexual hurt your heart? Strange as it’s gay men that tend to be liars, cheaters, and narcissistic. They crave more validation than any other sexual orientation group. Part of the reason they also tend to worship female pop stars as it empowers them on a superficial level. Most gays are unable to commit to a guy for more than 24 hours. Your post wreaks of naivety.

    • Knight

      Prax or maybe you’re just a bitter, lying drama queen yourself? Ever thought that might be the case? I’m thinking it is.

    • kent25

      They are all alike you can’t get them out of the closet with dynamite. Bisexuality it like a fetish, like tacos and hotdogs. Dating one seems like a waste to time, Someone who only come around after dark, screw that

  • Bradsman

    I got excited for a bit there. It made it sound like Tyler Posey came out but it’s his CHARACTER.

    • Xzamilloh

      That was the point with the misleading title and Tyler Posey’s picture prominently displayed. Annoying, right?

  • Jaxton

    Male bisexuality removes from women the power of consent. It weakens a woman’s control of male sexuality.

    Keep in mind that female power and privilege are based on being able to use sexual consent as a weapon. She controls how men behave by saying yes or no to sex. She shapes him in this way. She can do this because she doesn’t need it as much as he does.

    If her man expresses same-sex impulses – even if only verbally – it robs her of her sense of superiority, of her privilege.

  • Danny595

    Bisexuals are awesome. Glad to see them getting some representation here. For those who are bashing bisexuals here, check yourself. Ls and Gs always need to support our bisexual brothers and sisters.

    Remember that LGB refers to a real, genuine people group, bound together by an important, innate trait. It stands in stark contrast to the fraud of “LGBT” which was invented to force LGB people to serve the interests of transgenders, most of whom are not gay and none of whom are defined by sexual orientation.

    • Knight

      Danny hmmm…I hadn’t thought about the T part. While I agree that heterosexual men who “get off” by cross-dressing as a fetish shouldn’t belong to the LGBT community any more than any other heterosexual fetish/deviation, I do believe there is an actual “T” in the sense of a male or female who have same sex attraction but believe they are not in the “correct” body. Hell, I’ve honestly known someone born a man, who had gender reassignment surgery, then became a “lesbian” and has been with the same woman for over 10 years now. So, I do believe trans-genderism is a part of the gay spectrum, but to your point, this doesn’t include gay men who dress up as women for fun, work etc.

  • Prax07

    If bi people really have a higher risk of suicide, all I can say is Good. That news makes my night a little brighter.

    • kent25

      If they do have higher risk of suicide it’s because they’re not straight.They want to be straight but can’t stop thinking about the same sex

  • Prax07

    @knight So what would I be lying about exactly?
    You did get the bitter part right though, thank my ex for that particular gift. He was the last straw where it comes to ever trusting anything said/done by a bi guy again, or seeing bi guys as anything other than garbage.
    And if he did suddenly decide to off himself… well, that’d be just a dream come true. I’d visit his grave once a week just to piss on it.

  • Kenney G

    I hope they make him a bisexual who dates women, Nothing sadder than a Bisexual in a gay bar looking for men but want to be with a girl.
    (HINT) Stay out of gay bars, The straight women who do go to gay bars aren’t looking for men to date

  • kent25

    Dear God let him be one that found some Bi girl to date or a Trans man to date. This I’ve dated two guys BS is more than I can stomach .
    I’ve never met a bisexual guy who has ever been in a relationship with another man. They spend all there time talking about some girl they like or there’s the kind who want to have a threeway with some chick, No thank You, been there done that, Does nothing or me

  • BennyP

    A Romantic lead? LMFAO! a romantic lead for whom? I hope it’s for some low self esteem girl. Let him go look for acceptance in the straight community, Personally I’m tired of looking at these sad sacks of shit in love with some straight girl. He’s bisexual, attracted to everything with legs. He should’ve tried dating girls from day one, Makes sense to me. Quit watching guys and watch girls, put your freak in the closet where it belongs. If you an a man date a Trans man for goodness sake.
    Who in the Hell want to date someone whose sexuality changes every two weeks?

  • tricky ricky

    it seems neither gays or straights have any use for bisexuals. so why don’t you all form a group and just date other bisexuals and leave the rest of us out of it.

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