Tween Boys Are Also Absolutely Losing It For Justin Bieber

If young males are as fanatic about this 16-year-old lesbian lookalike Justin Bieber, does that make ’em gay?

Not any more than a little boy’s admiration for Barney The Dinosaur makes him into beastiality, you jerk. Kids are kids, and they just want what’s cool. Even if “what’s cool” refers to “bangs.” NYT:

’Tween girls have been shrieking their appreciation for the 16-year-old pop star’s hair for the last year or so, and now boys are (subtly) requesting the style in droves. Just as every girl wants hair like Blake Lively of “Gossip Girl,” her brother wants to look like the artist who helped bring “Eenie Meenie” to the world. “Boys are embarrassed” to ask for the cut by name, said Ms. Friedman, adding that 6 out of 10 of her boy customers ages 10 and older want it. “He’s a teen heartthrob girls love; they don’t want to be associated with that,” she said.

In fact, male tweens who want the Bieber look are not only automatically gay, they might be automatically straight: They’re just doing it to get girls to run their hands through their locks. Just like Katie Couric.