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Is this tweet about 13-year-old gay boys true?

A tweet about 13-year-old gay boys goes viral
Posed by models (Photo: Shutterstock)

A tweet about gay boys and their love of particular pop divas and female celebrities has gone viral and prompted a huge amount of debate.

Caleb Hearon is a comedian, screenwriter and podcaster. Last week, he tweeted: “When gay boys turn 13 years old the universe assigns them one woman working in entertainment. From that point forward their purpose on earth becomes supporting this woman so hard that the force of their love for her could literally kill them.”

The tweet has had over 134k likes, 9k retweets, and over a thousand comments.

Caleb himself added, “Mine is Julia Roberts. I love u girl.”

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Many others added their own assignments: female celebrities they refuse to stop following regardless of age.

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And it wasn’t just the gay guys who chipped in.

Have you had a longtime devotion to one particular entertainer that will always stay with you?