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This tweet reads queer-baiting straight guys for filth

On Twitter, gay adult film star Devin Franco has pointed out that straight guys have done quite the backflip since the advent of OnlyFans.

In a follow-up tweet, Franco added, “Don’t get me wrong, I love the straight boy thirst traps.”

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After Franco’s tweet surfaced on Reddit, the gays marveled at their straight counterparts’ transformation. “They went from ‘no homo’ to ‘$20 is $20’ real quick,” one commenter wrote.

“Money bends morals,” another said.

A third commenter decried the influx of celebrity OnlyFans models: “Out of touch rich people can’t stand the thought of working-class people becoming successful in an untapped market. It’s just pure greed.”

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One user, meanwhile, seemed more understanding, the economy being what it is. “Straight guys 10 years ago: Gay dudes probably all want to see me naked,” that user wrote. “Straight guys today: Still that, plus income inequality has forced me to consider being as sex worker as part of the gig economy.”

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