Twelve Days of Drag: Miss Richfield 1981

Twelve Days of Drag: Miss Richfield 1981

Miss Richfield 1981


Hometown: Richfield, MN

Favorite City: Provincetown, MA, my home away from home on the shores of beautiful Cape Cod. It is a wonderful place that everyone needs to experience.

Favorite Club to perform in: The Crown & Anchor in P-town (See above.)

Three things you want for the holidays:

1. To be named on Santa’s list of good girls

2. To get the names on Santa’s list of naughty boys

3. Cash (in case I don’t get one of those naughty boy)

Best place for last minute shopping ideas: 

Walgreens – It’s open 24 hours. Where else can you buy a calculator, a gallon of milk, an artificial Christmas tree, a car deodorizer, and feminine products, while you’re waiting to have your passport photo taken? Really, if you can’t get it there, it ain’t worth buying.

Favorite Winter Activity: 

The 34th Annual Lutheran Panty Boil at A Mighty Fortress Is Our God Lutheran Church in Richfield. This is when we gals gather in the church basement to boil and sanitize gently used pantyhose to send to the women in Ethiopia who have no pantyhose of their own.

What’s the Best Holiday Song? 

“Joy To The World“ because it doesn’t list Jesus by name, so you can sing it for Chanukah, Kwanza and probably Ramadan if you’re tucked under a sheet.

What are your plans for New Years Eve? 

I always call bingo at the VFW in Richfield from 4:30 until 7:30 p.m., then we ring in the New Year at about 8 p.m., which coordinates with the last senior bus that leaves at 8:30 to get the old Vets back to the home. Then I like to go to Wong’s in Richfield, where the Chinese ring in the New Year at least an hour early to stay ahead of the Americans. So I’m usually home and in bed by 11:30 p.m.

What’s next for Miss Richfield 1981? 

I’m planning my new show for 2014, which is Play With My Poodle! It’s all about me getting a dog and meeting Mr. Right Now. It’ll open on December 25th in Minneapolis. And I believe it is my best yet. So as I say at bingo, “Hot dog! I’ve got a wiener!”

Photo courtesy of Miss Richfield 1981