Twelve Days of Drag: Peppermint

Twelve Days of Drag: Peppermint


Hometown: Wilmington, DE

Best Place to Live: New York City

Favorite City to Play In: Dublin

Favorite Club: Whichever pays the most.

What Do You Want For the Holidays? Love, money, pantyhose that don’t run

Best place for last minute shopping ideas: $Dollar Girl$

Favorite Winter Activity: Making hot cocoa from scratch and building a fire made of old bras

What’s your favorite Holiday Song? “What Child Is This” (Baby Daddy Remix)

What are your plans for New Years Eve? Trying to find a way to literally stop every clock from striking midnight (milestone Birthday coming up in January)

What’s Next for Peppermint?  New album in 2014, big announcement, volunteering as a bathroom attendant at The Eagle Men’s Bar (one of those is not true)

Instagram: Miss Peppermint