Twilight‘s Taylor Lautner Definitely Lived Up to His Muscle Promise


I haven’t seen Twilight — making me either a good or a bad gay — but I’m vaguely familiar with Taylor Lautner (who plays Jacob Black), who was reportedly thisclose to being banned from the sequel because he was too scrawny. Unless he added more muscle to his little frame, he would be replaced. Producers were pretty mum on the subject, but in this video interview Lautner mentions the “necessity for the character” and how he “guaranteed” he would put on weight. Guess what? Mission accomplished. He puts on a gun show (and displays his washboards) below.

And yes, I know the video is a smidge old. Whatever.

Don’t remember the scrawnier Lautner?

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  • flightoftheseabird


  • cruiser

    Nice 6 pack!

  • dellisonly

    Probably out of the loop on this one but what exactly was wrong with him before that he had to put on thirty pounds?

  • zeke

    Glad to see they have a gay in their cast. He is out of the closet?

  • Nick

    I enjoyed that modeling clip. Nice peaceful, windy spring/summer day in the country. Windchimes. Cute guy. What’s not to love?

  • Oh Charlie

    @zeke: Well….I will say, if he is still in the closet, then I will just have to join him in there….meaning I will sacrific myself to go in the closet and get him out…clothes on or off (perfer off) I will get him out…..its a dirty job by someone has to do it.

    He is a good looking

  • John M

    Uh, guys, he just turned 17. And I think his face is pretty fug, he reminds me of a slightly better looking version of Brett Everett, although still pretty fug.

  • John M

    Oh, an by just turned 17, I mean, 2 days ago according it IMDB.

  • Carsen T.

    @dellisonly: In the sequel his character turns from scrawny teen boy who drives a rabbit to smoldering hot and buff forever young werewolf with a motorbike.

  • Jonathan

    Um. Wow. Wow…

  • 7SnowyNights

    Hmm, if I’m 17 too, can I get away with thinking the dirty stuff I’m thinking about doing with him?

    Or am I too young, and therefore a little sicko?

    Don’t care, he’s hot, that’s that.


    nice body, shame about the face…

  • hardmannyc

    17 is old enough. Just ask the mayor of Portland!

  • Jemima98

    I’m digging the eight pack.

  • Chan

    holy…. Freakin crApp

  • Strepsi

    The Jacob character hits his late teen years and develops abnormally fast in the 2nd book, into a 6′ 7″ muscle machine. It is important to the plot…

  • DJ

    @QUEEN BEE: You’re somewhat of a cunt!

  • Mike

    I hope he’s done growing, because if he isn’t his growth will now be stunted. I actually think he’s well spoken

  • tiff_hll

    seriously is he gay??!!! or do you guys just want him to be gay because he is sooooo hooooooooooooooot!!!! i’ve never heard any rumors to that nature. not everyone is gay because they speak a particular way or they have a nice smile and laugh alot!!!

  • DeeEllEll

    TAYLOR LAUTNER IS NOT GAY sorry for the disapoinment but he is not gay.

  • Josh

    And heeeeeeere come the teeny-girls and/or lonely housewives who have to leap to the defense of every teen idol with even a hint of homo…

    Remember how they screamed and scratched themselves over the allegations that an N*Syncer was gay? Or a New Kid? Or Doogie? They have to protect their fantasy, no matter how shrill or shallow it makes them.

    Now, I’m not saying Taylor’s gay. He might well be…(lord PLEASE…) but he’s too young for most of us to legally do more than ogle and so far out of our league in general that it really doesn’t matter. Eye candy is eye candy, and well…he’s eye candy. Beyond that, does it really matter if he’s gay or straight?


  • jhanai

    he is not gay,
    i dont see where they are gettin this from but he most deff. is not gay
    trust me

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