Twinks On A Plane: Is This Mile-High Speedo Prank Hot Or Gross?

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 12.49.14 PMFlying is tedious. Cramped quarters, stale air and crying babies are just some of the annoying-at-best obstacles that greet passengers on a daily basis.

One French traveler wanted to change all that, and his logic seemed as air-tight as the flight cabin itself. “Flights are boring. I wanted to make it fun.”

His version of “fun,” however, is up for debate. While we might agree that donning a speedo and and plastic pool floaty while strutting down the aisle could potentially be fun, American Airlines and the rest of the passengers on board weren’t as easily convinced. Go figure.

According to Jerome Jarre, who happens to be the fourth-most followed person on Vine with 7.5 million followers, his little airplane stunt earned him a private meeting with police and the FBI after his plane touched down in Miami.

For his sake, we hope he got a lot more followers out of it as well.

How would you react if a fellow traveler emerged from the bathroom like this? If he looked like Jerome, we probably wouldn’t mind.

If you like what you see, here’s a taste from Jerome’s Vine page: