Rosie O’Donnell does not approve of former colleague Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s attacks on Michelle Obama. So, in a bit of revenge, she penned one of her famously disorganized blog poems. And, for once, this one makes sense – O’Donnell says Hasselbeck and Republican running mate Sarah Palin are “identical twins” who “hunt in high heels.” She then urges readers to “take pause.” [HuffPo]

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  • Berdie

    Thank you, Rosie! So nice of you to chime in with your obnoxious mouth – one that thinks anything said to the right of her is disgusting, but says the worst, most obnoxious things herself. Question – is it so out of bounds for Elisabeth to mention that they were not allowed to ask Michelle certain questions – but were not bound by the same propaganda parameters with Cindy McCain. I think so! But hey, what’s a day without an obnoxious, vapid attack from someone who used to be an entertaining comedian and suffers from the delusion that she is some politico/intellectual force. Nauseating.

  • Darth Paul

    It’s Rosie’s own blog, not national TV, so she’s entitled to talk all the sh!t she wants. I’m only annoyed by the lame poetry. Hasselbeck, however, is a vacuous, self-righteous, GOP toady that deserves every bit of criticism she gets…and I hate her.

  • ChicagoJimmy

    The problem here, people, is you are letting idiots like Hasselbeck distract you from the real issues. Get a clue. Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain aren’t running for anything. Their husband’s are. Hasselbeck compared Michelle Obama to Sarah Palin. Any such comparisons should be laughed at. One is running to be next in line to be leader of the free world, and the other will be a wife. The GOP is setting up the McCain and Palin team as if they were a couple running for office against Obama and his wife Michelle. Don’t buy into it!

  • CastleRock

    Rosie’s just another left wing nut job….does anyone really give a shit about this fat bull dyke bitch???


    Rosie is just bitter, because she got fired from that show. Apparently she is hurt.

  • mark

    GO Ro!

  • Berdie

    Darth –

    Wow…what did Hasselbeck do…rain locusts down on your house?

    She is talking about the wives of Obama and McCain becuase THAT IS WHO THEY INTERVIEWED on her show. And she was mentioning that they were given parameters about what could be discussed with Obama – no such propaganda from McCain. Take it for what it’s worth – but it’s at least worth mentioning.

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