Twins Aaron & Austin Rhodes Reveal How They Came Out To Each Other In High School

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Twins Austin and Aaron Rhodes grew to YouTube fame when they decided to film their emotional coming out to their dad, posting a video that has since been viewed over 22 million times.

Now they’ve posted a new video sharing how they came out to each other as high school seniors, and it’s pretty damn cute.

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Aaron was the first to bring it up. He’d fallen hard for another guy, and decided to share the news with his brother:

“I’m seeing somebody and it may or may not be a girl … so obviously I’m gay and I’m dating a guy,” he recalls saying in the video below.

After he was finished telling Austin about his new boyfriend, Austin said, “I like guys too.”

Aaron looks back on it now and says, “‘It was one of those moments – and I’ll never forget it – where we just finally caught up with each other. … It ended up with two little gay best friends who happen to be brothers.”

Watch below: 

h/t GayStarNews