Out of office reply

Twitter eviscerates Stephen Miller’s response to Biden’s speech

Stephen Miller, one of former President Donald Tump’s closest allies, criticized President Joe Biden‘s first Congressional address on Wednesday night for lacking any “warmth,” “surprises,” and “bipartisanship.”

The largely hopeful speech focused on Biden’s big swings in his first hundred days in office, as well as the ones coming up in the next hundred days — jobs, infrastructure, police reform, ending cancer. “”In America, we always get up,” he said.

35-year-old Miller, who wrote many of Trump’s speeches, tweeted about Biden’s speech just after it ended.

“It is striking just how tedious & unoriginal the rhetoric was in Biden’s speech,” he wrote. “Also, no outreach, no bipartisanship, no surprises, no warmth — a lifeless and dry address.”

Outreach, bipartisanship and warmth were hardly tenets of Trump’s public communication style as president, and the irony of Miller’s critique was not lost on people.

Longtime Trump critic (and husband of Kellyanne) George Conway sarcastically referenced Trump’s doom-and-gloom inaugural address: “Miller’s right. Biden’s speech needed some soaring, inspiring rhetoric about ‘American carnage.'”

“Needed to call the media ‘the enemy of the people’ a few more times, or call Mexicans drug dealers and rapists, or call someone he paid for sex horseface,” commented CEO Sarah Longwell. “Or refer to democrats as socialists a thousand time. Those were the days of real bipartisan.”

And the rest of Twitter was even less kind to Miller: