Twitter Explodes Over The Death Of Fred Phelps

Ding dong Fred Phelps is dead. The 84-year-0ld passed away earlier today of unspecified causes in a Topeka, Kansas hospice. And, naturally, folks on Twitter have a lot to say about the matter.

In general, it’s disrespectful to speak ill of the deceased, but sometimes exceptions can be made.

Scroll down to see what people are saying about the late hatemonger.

Last — and definitely least — a few words from the folks at Westboro Baptist Church themselves, doing what they do best, chastising us all:

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  • CleJoke

    Pink Mass

  • D P

    Ever since I discovered Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris, and Pat Condell I’ve come to have serious doubts about a deity, to the point that I pretty much have arrived at the point that there is no god. But this may be a sign to me that there is. Well, only if Phelps had excruciating pain before he passed, which became infinitely worse after he died, then there’s some indication to me that there is a god. Otherwise, my belief is just that bull sh*t has just turned into compost. That is all.

  • Mikah

    It’s about time.Seems like the most repulsive people always live long.

  • David6

    Good riddance to the hate preacher. Shame he didn’t die years ago – 84 years ago!

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