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Twitter goes nuts over high school production of ‘RENT’ with this APPALLING twist

Scene from Broadway's

Picture this…

A crowd of family, friends and faculty gathers for the opening night of a high school’s latest theatrical undertaking.

This year’s production? Jonathan Larson’s 1996 rock opera, Rent.

It’s a bold move for the 13-17 year-old set, for sure. But handled maturely by the school’s drama department, the approachable musical could prove quite the educational experience for students, shining a spotlight on some heavy, worthwhile issues — addiction, homophobia and AIDS among them.

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Now imagine that same crowd beginning to pick up on something that seems… off.

Then it sinks in — this particular school (supposedly) decided to make one huge and unfortunate change: Instead of AIDS, some of the characters have diabetes.

Wait… what?

That’s the story financial writer Chelsea Fagan shared on Twitter, via an admittedly unreliable source — some random bartender:

Credibility aside, the brand new urban legend went viral, attracting the finest parody Twitter has to offer, such as:

But that was just the beginning:

Others pointed out these glaringly heinous plot-points pertaining to the switch:

And some had RENT horror stories of their own:

While one person was reminded of an equally ridiculous Hairspray experience:

And this… different take on Fame:

Then there was this unthinkable work-around for In the Heights:

And whatever this is supposed to mean:

What if the same AIDS/diabetes alteration was applied to Angels in America, you ask?

And… scene.