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Twitter has a lot to say to gay conservative who ‘dreads’ wearing a mask

Photo: Twitter

Conservative British pundit Darren Grimes has a many a groan-worthy take on the world, from campaigning in favor of Brexit (that worked out well) to launching a “safe space” for homophobes.

His latest gripe involves wearing masks in businesses — you know, that public safety measure to curb the spread of COVID-19 that’s somehow become a political issue.

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UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced Tuesday that masks must be worn inside shops, prompting Grimes to broadcast his displeasure. No, worse. His dread.

“I know many will tell me of my selfishness for this,” he wrote on Twitter, “but I despise wearing a mask and dread the compulsory wearing of them. They’re so dehumanising. You miss a smile, you can miss dialogue and social interaction with staff. They’re the most miserable public health initiative yet.”

Well, he got one thing right. Folks were quick to point out his selfishness, as many people are missing a whole lot more than “smiles and dialogue” during this crisis.

Here’s some of the response:

Some responses were markedly less educational: