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Twitter is mad at Guy Ritchie for saying he goes to “the gay gym” with David Beckham

Been going to the gay gym to prepare for summer?

Guy Ritchie recently chatted up Graham Norton to shill his new film King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. 

During the interview, he managed to scandalize some viewers by mentioning the “gay gym” he attends with David Beckham.

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Asked how he managed to reel Beckham in to appear in the film, Ritchie responded: “Our kids go to the same school, we go to the same pub, and we go to, sort of, the same gay gym.”

Norton was somewhat nonplussed by the response, quipping, “Isn’t that just ‘the gym? I think the ‘gay’ is silent.”

As you might expect, Twitter denizens had a thing or two to say about the director’s off-color remark.

Sarah took issue.

Kenny wasn’t having it.

Jenny was really quite livid about it all.

S.J.M basically responded, “SMH.”

h/t: Gay Times