Twitter is not having Trump’s lie about his State of the Union address

Donald Trump tweeted in the wee hours this morning that his State of the Union Address on Tuesday evening drew the highest number of viewers in history:

Of course, like the vast majority of statements Trump made during the address, this tweet is simply not true. (According to PolitiFact, a whopping 33% of the things Trump said were false, 21% were mostly false, and 15% were flat out lies. Meanwhile, 4 % of what he said was true.)

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Obama’s speech in 2009 drew 52 million viewers; George W. Bush’s address in 2002 drew 51 million viewers and 62 million viewers in 2003; and Bill Clinton’s speech in 1993 drew 67 million viewers and 53 million viewers in 1998.

So, no, Donald’s address on Tuesday definitely did not draw “the highest number in history.”

Folks on Twitter were quick to point out the president’s error…

Memers have also taken notice…

#DonaldTrump says the ratings for his first #StateoftheUnion address this week are "the highest number in history," but that is not true. . Nielsen reports that about 45.6 million tuned in to watch #Trump Tuesday night. That's below viewership for President Barack #Obama's first State of the Union, which was about 48 million, and Trump's own joint address to Congress last year. . It also trails the 46.8 million viewers who tuned into President Bill Clinton's first State of the Union speech, and the 51.7 million who watched President George W. Bush's 2002 address. . Trump falsely argued last year that his inauguration was the most well-attended one ever. Despite Trump's own belief that he is the greatest at everything, time and time again his claims are proven to be nothing but lies from the biggest #blowhard of all time. #TrumpLiesAboutEverything @Whitehouse @realdonaldtrump @mcconnellpress @speakerRyan @foxnews @foxandfriends #nationalDisgrace #nationalembarrassment #trumpsucks #TrumpisanIdiot #foxnews #cnn #abcnews #nbcnews #politics #politicalhumor #maga #deplorable #trumptrain #trumpsucks #womenshealth #crookedTrump #DontheCon

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Sorry, Don. You lose. Again.

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