Twitter Reacts To NC GOP’s Insane Response To NCAA Pulling Championship Games

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In case you missed it, the North Carolina Republicans doubled down on their long-term stay in crazy town with a statement about the NCAA moving championship games out of the state due to HB2 that should both get spokesperson Kami Mueller fired, and go down in the history books as a perfect example of how to dig a hole even deeper.

Mueller, taking the initiative to speak in the first person, says she looks forward to the NCAA merging men’s and women’s teams together.

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It only gets nuttier from there, asking how you can have men’s and women’s teams if you don’t have men’s and women’s locker rooms, despite the fact that no one is arguing for doing away with gendered bathrooms.

She also conveniently ignores the fact that the NCAA has progressive policies for transgender athletes in place, allowing trans men to participate in men’s sports and allowing trans women to participate in women’s provided they have been undergoing hormone replacement therapy for at least one year.

They do not require athletes to change the gender on their birth certificates in order to be considered legitimate, unlike in North Carolina as it relates to trans people using the bathrooms and locker rooms in government owned buildings.

Mueller then attempts to paint the NCAA as not concerned about the Baylor rape scandal, even though independent investigators placed the blame solely on the Christian university.


The statement has been given a thorough line by line analysis by Slate, as well as Charlotte Magazine. Both are well worth reading.

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Slate calls it “deranged,” and Charlotte Magazine says it is a “statement for the ages,” but not in a good way.

Twitter has chimed in as well, and they are giving the NCGOP and Mueller, who just so happens to have a history of making jokes comparing trans people to animals, an earful.

Here are some of the best Tweets on the topic:



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