Twitter Responds To The Best News Of 2016: ‘Duck Dynasty’ Cancelled

After more than a week of seemingly endless bad news, we finally have something genuinely good to report: After five long years and 11 tired seasons, A&E is finally pulling the plug on its flagship white trash reality series Duck Dynasty. 

According to sources, ending the show was a mutual decision between the cast and the network. The final season will be split into two parts, with the series finale airing sometime in April.

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In its hay day, the show attracted as many as 12 million viewers per episode. Ratings have been declining in recent years, however, in large part because of a long string of homophobic, transphobic, and racist comments made by the show’s star, Phil Robertson.

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Of course, the timing of all this is somewhat alarming. Donald Trump was just elected to the White House, after all, and is currently scrambling to fill more than 4,000 government jobs. The antigay Robinsons are looking for work. It could be a match made in Heaven for them… and Hell for the rest of us.

Check out how people on Twitter have been responding to the news…