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Twitter rips Sean Spicer’s surprise Emmy cameo where he joked about lying to Americans

So in case you missed it, former White House press secretary Sean Spicer joked about lying to the American people in a surprise cameo appearance at last night’s 69th annual Emmy Awards.

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Spicer made his way onto the Emmy Awards stage by rolling out the podium used to mock him on “Saturday Night Live.” He proceeded to poke fun at himself and all those times he lied from the White House press room.

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While he may have gotten laughs from the audience, viewers at home didn’t quite see the humor in the Emmy’s trying to normalize an official who repeatedly misled the American public on behalf of a racist president, called concentration camps “Holocaust centers,” and was a general disgrace to America.

Scroll down for some of the responses…

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  • DCguy

    Countdown to the one troll and his multiple screenames coming on here to lie and claim Spicer never lied and to say that any mention of him is “Bullying”.

    As for the EMMYS I’m getting very bored with TV shows rewarding people like this.

    • Alexis

      Counting down with you mate. It’s unfortunate that Americans are all about ratings, and not truth and decency. Spicer should have never been invited…I guess if you’re a white male in America, you can do anything you want….anything (like one of the tweets says)

    • Brian

      If he hadn’t been invited to the Emmy awards, it would have been a violation of his right to free speech. People will say that… just wait. Conservatives love the idea of the Constitution, but they don’t like reading it.

    • stevetalbert

      Was it a disaster because people saw spicey and turned the TV off? I did.

    • Alexis

      What the f is Another Russian troll? or a Trump denier troll?

    • mhoffman953

      The majority of Americans are getting sick of liberal Hollywood and these circle jerk events where its 2 hours of Trump bashing nonstop. The jokes aren’t even funny, it’s just bitter elites who didn’t get their way so now they’re going to cry and whine about it like kids.

      The over 60 million Americans who voted for this President aren’t impressed and most of the Americans who voted against this President or didn’t vote aren’t impressed either. People get sick of it when rich celebrities bask and rejoice in the idea of the American President failing. How is hoping and praying that the President of the United States fails something an American would do?

      If these events aren’t catering to identity politics and giving out awards based on identity and not performance, then it’s a hive mindset of anti-Trump remarks.

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