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Twitter just took this GOP lawmaker and his creepy mustache to the library over his transphobic new bill

Rep. Aaron McMullen, not to be confused with Kenneth Branagh as Hercule Poirot, is currently positioning himself to be one of Missouri’s loudest, proudest, and stupidest anti-LGBTQ+ state lawmakers.

Yesterday, the Missouri Republican, who assumed office back in January after winning his election last November with a mere 6,395 votes, took to Twitter yesterday to boast about some new transphobic legislation he’s been crafting with his fellow queer-hating GOP colleagues.

“Getting ready to perfect a bill that will ban Transgender surgeries and blockers for children under 18,” he tweeted, along with the hashtag #moleg, which stands for Missouri Legislature.

He followed that up with another tweet hours later saying the bill had just received first-round approval in the Missouri House.

“Just voted and passed Perfection 106-45-2,” he wrote.

The bill passed 106 to 45, with two Republicans joining all Democrats in voting against it. Now that it has received initial approval, it will need go through one vote before moving on to the Missouri Senate.

McMullen, who is married with two kids that he homeschools, made transphobia a cornerstone of his campaign last year. Among the top issues still listed on his website is student athletes, who he says “should only be allowed to play sports as the gender they were born with.”

He also ran on a platform about canceling cancel culture (“I believe in freedom of speech, and that it should never be stifled. I am against cancel culture and the censoring of speech via Facebook or in any other way”) and parental choice in schools (“Parents should have the freedom to educate their children as they see fit”).

So, that basically tells you everything you need to know about that guy.

Here’s how people reacted to his tweet celebrating his first piece of transphobic legislation…

In response to that last tweet, the poverty rate in Missouri is 12% (the national average is 11%). When it comes to food insecurity, Missouri ranks sixth worst in the nation, and it ranks second behind Arkansas for highest rates of hunger. The state also has a severe affordable housing shortage and has seen an uptick in uninsured rates in adults in recent years even as the national average has fallen.

Meanwhile, the state has had a reported seven trans athletes–two boys and five girls — apply to play school sports in the last 10 years.